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    Has anyone else noticed a significant slowdown in their Outlook functions after using BD software for a while. My company runs Exchange and after installing and using the Sprint BD software my Outlook slowed down significantly. Opening and deleting emails could take up to 15-60 seconds per. I had my IT admin look at it and he racked his brain. I didn't tell him about BD for a while. After I fessed up to my recent changes, he had to create a new mailbox for me and I had to uninstall BD. My Outlook was back to normal (flying), but I couldn't take it anymore, I reinstalled BD. Well, now I'm paying the price again - slow as hell. Just came back from vacation and had 1400 emails. I tried deleting 10 of them and it took over 5 minutes - I'm going to be here for a while. It seems to get worse with time. No difference after rebooting my PC every morning. Also, I turn off the BD client when I'm in the office and same performance problems. It seems to get worse with time and/or email history/activity. It's on the Exchange side, because I have the same issues from other workstations and when I use our VPN from home. No other users are affected and I'm the only user with Sprint BD.
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    wdtreo... see this thread in the Communications Forum

    There are some specific things that can be checked at the Exchange Server level to verify a known MS problem.

    Do a Forum Search for "slowdown" and you'll see other posts that were in the same mobile boat.

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