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    Does anyone get a Deafening, Ear Piercing Screech on the gsm 600?
    It happens once every 30 calls or so when i try to dial out and continues a few times in a row then disappears. It HUrts!

    BTW, this is a replacement unit
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    Yep. Get that on both my gsm 600's.
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    What network are you on? and where are you in the world? I'll bet this is something network or locale specific. I've never heard it on mine on Cingular service in California.
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    I have the unlocked/unbranded GSM Treo 600 from Mobilefly. I have noticed the periodic screeching. I always use the headset, so my assumption was that the headset plug was not seated properly...if I twist the headset plug, it goes away...

    As I recall, I had a periodic, similar experience with my 270.

    I use T-Mobile.

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