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    Ok I've had it with this phone. It is going back. There are too many users of this phone who have too many complaints/problems, and all of you are getting duped by a dying company desperately in need of money to sucker all you naive people who believed all the hype.

    The keyboard is less useable than the 300's after using this thing for about a week now. The backlight is annoying. The power button was meant for lefties. The ****ing OS crashes the same amount as previous palms. That means at least once a day I have to soft reset, and at least once a week I'm doing a hard reset. I cannont even have 1 application installed for things to start messing up-including blazer. I had like zap or some game installed, along with the usual excel or word or money type apps. And my ****ing blazer wouldnt even load any pages. It asks if the blazer is http 1.0 compliant or something like that. The camera truly does suck. Dont think it is any decent at all. Maybe once on the computer screen, but on the sucky *** 160x160 Treo screen it sucks. My friends Nokia 3650 was sooooo much better displayed on screen indoors at a house 2 nights ago. They couldnt even recognize what was on my screen when trying to take a picture of my friend. **** palm, and **** Handspring. They are both going down!!! Symbian is much better, will become the world leader, and Handspring, if they dont fix palm or get a different browser and 320x320 screen, they are going down also. My biggest gripes are the damn sucky screen, the crappy browser which still does not display pages that the Treo 300 couldnt (basically all javascript pages, meaning Jeff lied to you all saying that the browser now supports Java, no it ****ing doesn't), the keyboard (worse than before, numbers should be on teh right side just like before), sound quality (worst I have ever had on a phone before, absolute crap, the Treo 300 is what i'm going back to, ahh, so much clearer, so much more soothing to listen to). In fact the treo 300 can do everything that the 600 can, yes they left off that POS camera..and the expansion is have to bend over backwards to get pictures on there and stuff like that. The whole user interface is hard to use, they had it right with the Treo 300, dont know whey they decided to make the 600 all takes me more strokes/thinking in my mind to get to where i want in the phone, say contacts, or calculator or stuff...and to dim the lights is difficult with the shift button all the way in teh corner where the phone almost slips out of my left had while trying to typle with my left thumb or something.

    Basically the T600 was a case for disaster. When you're competing against Sony P900s, there is no competition. Even the Nokia 3650 can do everything the T600 can, except it's free!! Does not have a keyboard or as much built in memory, but what it can do, it does very, very well, which makes it worth it. No wonder why so many people are returning these T600s..cause they are truly a piece of crap. I'm gonna return it, get my money back, and try out the P900. I still haven't heard great things about the P900 either, whihc is the sad thing..i think having a separate phone and pda is still a good way to go now cause there aint too many good alternatives out there. BTW, my web browsing experience with Blazer 3 sucked just as much as the orignal blazers. Since you can't get to the pages you want.

    I am sticking with my T300. It was a better design (except for the width, what can you do), it had a great keyboard..but it had its flaws. Otherwise it is not worth upgrading from 300 to 600. There is NO improvement going up..even though the 600 is faster, it is a pain in the *** to get where you're going, so no improvement there. Basically they took the molecules in teh 300 and swished them around to create a new form factor, but NOT a new substance. The 300 was genious, the 600 is sloppy seconds.
    **** Handspring, Donna, and Jeff, and their mothers. Handspring is going down!!! Get a new OS and 640x640 screen!!!
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    Well ok then......
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    So you don't like it huh?

    “There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.”
    — Ed Howdershelt
    "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."- Thomas Jefferson
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    Sorry... I don't share the same experience. Maybe your phone is defective?

    Keyboard works great for me. Different, but I adjusted in a day.

    Sounds great on phone calls. Maybe twice as good as the 270.

    Has excellent RF reception.

    Screen is much brighter, so much infact I have to turn mine down.

    Its sooooo much faster.

    I like the camera. Its pretty crappy, but I see potential there. They need to update the camera software so we can tweek its settings. After that I think we will be able to make decent pictures.

    Spacebar on your favorites!! Have you tried this? One of the best improvments.

    Internet is so much faster. I can get to a lot of websites. I wish it supported more.

    Battery lasts forever!

    Speakerphone is broken, I agree here. Sucks, I am not happy about it. They are promising a ROM patch soon.

    They should of left the favorites as the startup screen.

    They should of made it so that everytime you turn off the screen, when you turn it back on it should go to the "home" screen like the 270's did when you opened the lid.
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    Sounds more like the "user-installed-apps-and-did-something-else-to-make-it-crash-so-much" problem.

    Have fun playing the MP3s on that T300.

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    Originally posted by njchris
    Sounds more like the "user-installed-apps-and-did-something-else-to-make-it-crash-so-much" problem.

    Have fun playing the MP3s on that T300.

    hey....easy now....

    he can use the 300 for a number of things that we can't do on the 600.

    Like using the 300 as a snowboard, for example...

    (I am NOT an instigator!)
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    Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!
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    dude my 600 is SOOOOO much better than my 300. No way would I ever go back, and no way would I ever use a 3650 for ALL the things I use the 600 for: heavy e-mail, IM, SMS, web, camera (works fine for me and my moblog), reading books, all of it just rocks on the 600.
    I seem to recall some other rant-type posts from josephtse before that were similarly out on the edge...
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    Well.. I couldn't be happier with my TREO 600. The BEST device I have owned.
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    Stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel
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    Everything is great about the Treo 600 EXCEPT two of the most important ones to me.

    Sound Quality sucks

    And I much prefer a flip phone to a candy bar phone, especially if it's as expensive as this.
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    ..and the expansion is useless..
    OK, I can understand many of the rest of these rants (though I don't agree with them) but this one just blows my mind. Um, how can you possibly say that? Expansion opens up HUGE possibilities and is incredibly useful. One major one being backups to your SD card so that when your device hard resets, you have no downtime even if you're on the road when it happens. That and the ability to store waaaay more stuff (like MP3's, which would be dumb to keep in internal memory).
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    This guy is going to scare the newbes out there...

    Don't listen to his post... He must work for Microsoft or IPOC or something... As the wise Steve Martin once said in the classic movie The Jerk, "This guy hates cans, there are cans in here too"!!!

    The T600 is the best (so far) computer phone on the market!

    Hooray for Handspring and PalmOne!
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    Ya its funny how TechTV and Cnet, basicly the techy people that REALLY know what they are talking about, all say that the Treo 600 is the best out by far.

    I am not a lifelong Treo lover or anything, I just read some reviews and decided it was for me, havent had a second thought yet (except for all the ramin noodles I have to eat now)
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    It's a great phone. I haven't had the slightest problem and would recommend it to anyone...
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    Well, I just received my treo 600 GSM/GPRS version and I tested it during the long week end...

    And the result is I'm returning to my 3650 and I'm shipping back the 600.

    The phone crashed at least once a day, I didn't perform any hard reset yet. 3 friends of mine got exactly the same problem. Also the sound quality is poor compared to the one on the Nokia 3650. The camera and the image quality is very poor. I don't understand why they didn't use the same sensor as Nokia did on the 3650. Nokia has 3 modes for the camera and you can even record video clips. I can do exactly the same things on the treo 600 and on the nokia 3650 and maybe more. Ok I don't have a touch screen but I don't think it is something "that important".

    Regarding the software Symbian has a nice library and I found most of the softwares I was using on my Palm 505 even a IPsec VPN !!!

    I think Symbian is great software for Smartphone, that's why Nokia, Sony Ericsson are using it. Maybe Palmone should consider getting a Symbian licence ?

    To finish, price is always something very important :

    >Nokia 3650 with AT&T = $0
    >Treo 600 with AT&T= $399

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    I love these threads. It's like watching people say "I'm taking my ball and going home!" as they storm out of a baseball factory.

    Okay, guys -- bye! We'll all really miss you.
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    Originally posted by TripleNickle
    Well.. I couldn't be happier with my TREO 600. The BEST device I have owned.
    Ditto. I've had mine for 3 weeks. Not a single problem associated with the phone ( have poor reception in my home, but then again I also did with my previous SPCS phone). WOrk email & Hotmail are a breeze. Blazer is great. Listen to mp3s walking to/from train, thanks to the SD card.
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    It is sort of funny how polarizing a phone can be. I own a BlackBerry 6210 as well as a Sony Ericsson T616 and not once have I ever been engaged in a debate about either product.

    Even as a devout Macintosh user, I don't think I've been involved in any PC vs. Mac discussions as heated as some of the Treo vs. anti-Treo discussions.

    Don't get me wrong, folks, I love a good discourse as much as the next guy b/c it does really provide a good pre-evaluation of a product. But at the end of the day, it is still just a gadget.
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    Got mine right when the Sprint version was released. I never had a palm device since the very first ones, I owned a casiopia that was a giant wasteful phone book.
    The treo 600 is everything I wanted.

    I wanted a new phone, my old one was just a phone and not much else.

    The wireless web has been the greatest addition to "bathroom reading" i have ever found. I used to bring my wireless laptop in there to catch up on news, or check I use AIM to chat, MIRC to chat, read news, sports, etc. and when i plug my headphones in I have streaming audio, mp3's and the kinoma video player has tons of clips of family, friends, and the occasional dirty clip.

    I use my camera every week, the size and lighting obviously make it more challenging to get a great image than a regular camera, but I try and take pictures with a more artistic slant. A close up of some flowers, a bunch of banannas, my wife, the dog..if you use common sense you'll get some great pictures with it.

    I have a news reader, blackjack, dope wars, and other time wasters, and i've pretty much mastered the keyboard, although it is a bit tight.

    All in all, this is the best electronic purchase I have made since my XM and Tivo. I call the phone my assistant and she does just about everything I need at home, work, and especially away.

    Just my 2 cents.
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