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    Originally posted by SprintTreoUser
    Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays!
    "I do believe if you ever said that around these parts you'd get your @ss kicked!" (shameless Office Space quote)
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    Originally posted by agn

    The wireless web has been the greatest addition to "bathroom reading" i have ever found. I used to bring my wireless laptop in there to catch up on news, or check I use AIM to chat, MIRC to chat, read news, sports, etc. and when i plug my headphones in I have streaming audio, mp3's and the kinoma video player has tons of clips of family, friends, and the occasional dirty clip.

    Remind me never to borrow your phone!
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    If you are using your T600 in the bathroom, make sure to read this thread!
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    Amazing how these phones crash SO many times daily..
    I would imagine the unit is bad, and should be sent back. I replaced mine within 14 days. This can happen with any phone, especially new ones.
    Mine rarely locks up, I'm always loading new apps, moving stuff around. Oh my! It's takes a few steps to move files around to the card, big deal, there will be better software soon. I make do, I work on computers all day, my 600 is pretty easy.

    The other complains are just funny. I wouldn't buy the i500 for lack of expansion, one of the reasons I waited for the T600. Saying it's useless.. well.. sounds like their mind's made up.

    "The flashing LED at the top looks like a cross... WHAT is HS FORCING religion on me now?"

    I'm keepin mine, I'd buy it again if I had to.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    mine looks like an arrow pointing down
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    I once had a college roomate who SWORE betamax was the format of the future. He'd rant on and on about it to anyone who would listen. Do you know what happened to him eventually? Neither do I, because NO ONE cared what he thought. Just thought that might be relavant here.
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    Incidentally 90% of my posts are made from the bathroom. Just thought I'd share.
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    Originally posted by DrDoom
    Incidentally 90% of my posts are made from the bathroom. Just thought I'd share.
    No sh_t?
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    why hasnt this thread died already?
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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih
    why hasnt this thread died already?
    No way, the Purple and the F Visitor are not in the arena yet or maybe one of "them" started it?

    The Treo 300 ownership is faked.
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    I received my phone first batch out of the chute....I loved it...worked great.

    Today the speaker and microphone just died. I had to use the speakerphone and yell to make my calls. People thought I was crazy.

    Maybe I am crazy. I have been delaying calling Sprint for a replacement because I am not sure to ask for another T600 or the T300.

    As I ponder, I am not quite sure if the design is all that much better over the T300. Everytime I turn the device on after having it in the case, in my pocket I have to prevent it from starting the web or another application. Very annoying. The camera, worthless. The sound, slightly improved. The screen, better if you live in Miami and work outside, otherwise does not make a difference. Blazer, just a software improvement.

    I agree the post is a little exaggerated, but has some merit...
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    As a T300 owner and lover, T600 has only two things interesting to me: one-hand operation design idea and the SD slot for bluetooth. However, there is still no sign of a BT card yet. I'll wait and live with a T610 for BT for now.
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    I'm not saying the T600 isn't a capable device, sure it does a lot. Sure expansion is a good idea with many possibilities. But after using it day in and day out, all the little nuances and not enough attention to quality raises a red flag and heads up. Wake up people!!! If you don't mind that you can't see the screen outdoors or take a picture outdoors because you can't even see the screen, then good for you. If you dont mind that you can't recognize a person's picture caller ID because resolution is so bad, good for you. If you dont mind that the person on the otherside of the phone sounds like they are talking with their hands cupped on their mouth, then fine. If you dont mind that the Blazer can't do MANY, MANY websites (at least 25%, but more like 50% of all important web pages are javascript), good for you. If you don't mind an OS that crashes everyday, that has tons of bugs that were never fixed before release, and a hefty price tag for a product that will be worth $100 or less in a year, then good for you. If you don't mind the less user friendly interface than the 300, the smaller keyboard that is LESS effective, the backlight that keeps going off on you, the quiter ring tones (non-polyphonic by the way), the power button thats tucked up against the antenna making it hard to turn the phone on and off, then good for you! You are a man of character that doesn't complain.

    But for all us other sensible people out there who care about particulars like a browser than can actually get javascript pages, a camera that actually works decent (nokia 3650), BT, REAL SMS, meaning sending, polyphonic tones, bigger and better screen, easier OS, one that doesnt crash all the time and messes up the browser (Symbian), and most importantly, ANY phone that has better reception than the T600 (or basically any phone that doesn't sound like you're talking thru a pillow with a cold), and a phone that won't lose its value in a year, then I suggest you get a different phone. Treo 700 may be much improved and I may consider that, if they fix the bugs, make a true browser, and get a differnt operating system. Symbian or Pocket pc, but no more crappy palm! 240x320 screen minimum. By the way, I am positive HS is in the process of making the 700 because they are getting so much feedback and controversy about the 600 which you will find out in time will not be a success, and will drive HS even further into debt. How many Sony P900's were sold in the world? Over 1 million. How many T300s, T600s, Visors, 270s, whatever you want to call it COMBINED were sold? Not even 1 million. Let's see who the dominant and preffered phones are in this world. BTW, I'm not positive about this statistic, but I heard everyone saying it, so it must be true.
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    did you type that all in one breath? if so, exhale. It's just a phone/pda.
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    I don't mind it when people post opinions about the phone: Battery life, screen resolution, factual comparisons with other phones, etc. I just don't understand the people here that won't rest until they convince every member of the message board that the Treo sucks, Handspring is the devil, and T-Mobile is plotting a great train robbery. OK- we understand you don't like the phone- why don't you return it and buy a new phone so you can rant at people on the Nokia or Sony Ericsson boards?
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    i guess people will always need something to ***** about
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    I never had treo300 but this is all I have to say; I gave up my Zaurus sl5500 and my motorola v60i for T600 and I know it's worth it... Take note, it's Zaurus (running in linux) I can use that piece of metal as a server....

    TREO 600 is the BEST!!!
    TREO 600 ROCKS !!!! I gave up my Zaurus sl-5500 and my Motorola v60i for it.

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    It's funny that this is so much like a debate on the merits of a political or religious philosophy. Surely, some phones do some things better than other phones, but that's no reason to exaggerate the merits or deficiencies of a piece of technology. If you find a device that does enough of what you want at the price you want to pay, then go for it.
    The T300 was IMO a great piece of hardware with serious functionality. I think the T600 is even better. I've never actually wanted a phone that takes photos, but OK. MP3 player? OK. A very real ability to track projects, contacts, emails, phone calls, appointments, documents, etc.? GREAT! This thing rocks.
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    *** **** ***** *** ** **** ... uh, forgot what I was talking about. Have a nice day ********!
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    My T600 isn't perfect--nothing in this world ever will be. But it does everything my old CLIE 760 did, and everything my voice-only cell phone did, and some things only possible when both devices are fused inside one package.

    The only troubles I've had (lockups, soft resets) involve these novel wireless PDA features, which I don't expect to be flawless, as they are immature technology.

    IMHO, the T600 is somewhat a vicitm of its own engineering success. Cramming this many functionalities (and BTW, the camera is a TOY, people, not a portrait studio!) into an enclosure that would have held a digital pager ten years ago gives an open invitation to the spoiled brats of high tech to rant that it's not simultaneously bleeding-edge innovative and rock-solid stable and reliable. Oh, and it's not free either...

    The T600 is a fine piece of gadgetry, but like all things in life, it leaves room to be improved, as i'm sure the good folks at Palm/Handspring are well aware.
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