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    I've got a new Treo 600 that sometimes decides to freak out on me. It will act like the screen is getting tapped (usually right around the battery icon, so the battery level pops up).

    We've been having some wild temperature swings here in Atlanta (going from 72 degrees to 23 degrees in one day), and this all started happening right around then.

    Has anyone else seen their Treo act strange in colder weather, or when the temperature around the phone drops (say going from inside to outside). I don't see any condensation/etc on the phone.

    The last time it did this, I had to do a full battery disconnect reset (eep). It was still a little upset with me, and it took about an hour to calibrate the screen (it would act like I was hitting the wrong spots).

    I'm starting to think I have a defective touch screen -- but I wanted to see if anyone else was seeing this as well, before I hunt down all of the packing material and cables and fighting my way to Best Buy to exchange it (ugh).
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    Sounds to me like you've got a defective Treo. I've never had those problems in the situations you've described.
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    Yeah; after searching and searching, I haven't seen any other posts describing the same issues.

    Something I just noticed; if I squeeze the sizes of the Treo (slightly), it will start beeping, and it will start selecting random things on the screen. It's managed to dial several phone numbers on its own today.

    Ah well, I'm going to take it back to Best Buy tonight and hope they have some other units in stock, since Sprint said it's "not their problem" if I didn't buy it from them. heh

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    Originally posted by jmat

    Ah well, I'm going to take it back to Best Buy tonight...
    Just some advice...

    Take it to a sprint store (one in Buckhead next to CompUSA, or Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd at Abernathy Rd have best techs) and have them do a full tech report BEFORE you take it to Best Buy. YOu should get a Tech Ticket which will say what is defective on your unit. You can show this to the people at the Customer Svc counter at BB so there will be NO disputes when trying to use your PSP replacement program.
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    Thanks! I'll do that.

    I live about a 1/2 mile from the Abernathy store, so I'll go by there before hunting down a new one at BB.

    I've actually had almost zero problems with the BB PSP -- this is my third phone on the same plan (*cough*).. I just keep upgrading to a newer and better model each time.

    But, I'm sure they know I'm on phone #3, and are going to give me problems one of these days.
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    Done. Best Buy replaced it without any hassle at all.

    Pretty impressive, since this is now the *fourth* phone on the same receipt.

    I started out with a Sanyo 4300, had problems (after a year)... traded it in for a Sanyo 5900.. had problems (after 9 months)... got Treo 600 #1 about two weeks ago.. and now Treo 600 #2.

    The camera on this new one is *much* better, as is the screen sharpness and touch sensitivity... I guess I got one of the first batches or something on the first one...

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