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    Every time I email someone I must complete the entire email address. My old Treo 300 would complete the address after entering the first couple of characters, using a smart function that remembered past addresses.

    My Treo 600's smart function works for web addresses, but not email addresses. What gives?

    I'm using Business Connection PE for email.

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    I have noticed this as well. I wondered also why this feature isnt built into picture share, email, datebook, and sms (when its avail)
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    There is auto-complete of a sort. If you give it sufficient information in the To:, Cc: or Bcc: fields (either a full or partial name or e-mail address), it will auto-complete when you move to the next field. If there is insufficient information, it will display a list of those that match, and you can manually pick the one you want.

    You can also invoke a lookup by pressing Menu-L, and then typing what you have, and the displayed list will shrink as fewer matches are found.
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    To kmwmtd:

    Those functions you described do not work on my unit. Your UK Treo must be programmed differently. Or, I've got a defective unit. I do not have any kind of auto-complete on email addresses.

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    Both Snappermail and HS Mail have "smart"/auctocomplete address functions, and both work very well. BC is Sprint?
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    My snappermail autocompletes or finds matches when i enter in a few letters and hit the space bar.

    On Sprint Picture Share, it seems to autocomplete for email addresses that have been entered (or selected from the address book) before.

    I'm on Sprint.
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    Dump vistio and use the palm mail application. there is a link to it on the first page of this web site for Sprint user's and it came with your phone if you have GSM.

    its much better!
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    does bump mean you back this? what exactly is bump?
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    Originally posted by treosensei
    does bump mean you back this? what exactly is bump?
    'Bump' is a way of getting a thread back to the top of the list, as over time they fall down the list. Once off the bottom of the first page of threads, it is unlikely that anyone will post on that thread any more.

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