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    Just got my 600 from AT&T and love it except the web browser frequently crashes the unit. Hereís what happens.

    I start typing into a text box and the unit resets itself without warning. It doesnít always happen but most of the time it does and I can recreate this every time by typing into the goggle search box.

    Anyone else having this problem? Please tell me there is a software fix and I donít have to send my 600 back.
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    did u do a search on tc?

    you probably have a currupt file that you need to delete. i dont remember the file name, but you will need filez to delete it.
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    Please search before posting - pretty please.

    Use Filez or another file manager to do this.
    Delete the files called Web FindAutofill and Web URL AutoFill.

    Then all is well.

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