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    I just arrived in Melbourne for a week of business meetings and noticed that my Orange France Treo doesn't seem to pick up any GPRS signal. I've tried all three networks that appear on the phone, Optus, Vodafone and Telstra, but no luck.

    Maybe Orange simply doesn't have a roaming agreement for GPRS with any of the Australian operators, but I was thinking it might be due to GPRS configuration. Would anybody care posting the parameters for one or more of the operators that have been succesfully tested with the Treo?

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    Just moved Down Under after six great months with my Cingular Treo 600 on T-Mobile. We're here for good so I cancelled T-Mo, and yesterday I got a contract with B-Mobile, an Optus reseller. The T600 works fine for voice and SMS but no luck so far with GPRS.

    Today I called and asked to be provisioned for the Optus "Wireless Internet" service (0.55c/kb). Unfortunately the customer service people hadn't even heard of the Treo 600. They say they have provisioned Wireless Internet but that I'm on my own with the settings. I get to "Service Connection Process: Signing On", then "Error: GPRS Connection Not Available". Does anyone know what settings I need?
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    I had the same problem in New Zealand so I call Orange in the UK. In NZ Vodaphone is the only providor and there is no GPRS roaming agreement so NZ is a No-go. In Australia Orange users can roam with Telstra (SP?) however, I had no problem in Sydney or Melbourne but couldn't connect in Brisbane. I hope that this helps.
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    Some of Optus' resellers don't resell GPRS services. Same with the other carriers. Best bet would be to go to the carriers directly, they've all got overstaffed stores everywhere ...
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