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    I'm getting a faint, but high pitched sound from the T600 AC adapter. Has anybody else experienced this?

    I bought my T600 from Amazon, but have never had to return anything to them. Is it better to go to Handspring and ask them to just swap the adapter?

    Also, I notice that the cables for my T180 look almost exactly the same as the T600. I successfully sync'd my T180 with the T600 cable. My car charger is from Handspring and looks like the one they show as approved in the insert card, so I'm looking forward to using that with the T600...
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    I had the same problem. But only with the replacement treo charger they sent me. The charger for the original treo 600 worked fine so i just returned the new charger with the old phone. BTW - I use the treo 90 cable to charge when at home and the original t600 charger at work. Seems to work fine so far, although I haven't synced with the t90 cable...
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    Im getting the same high pitch sound from my adapter too. Anyone know if this is a problem?
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    It seems to charge just fine, but the sound can get to be annoying - especially when you are in the same room with the adapter.
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    Add me to the list of noisy AC adapters. Makes me wonder how long it will last before it simply goes kaput!
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    I have noticed the same thing but only when I am not charging the phone.

    When I plug the phone in, the sound goes away.
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    My fiancee complained of this exact same problem and I swore she was nuts. Guess I was wrong.
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    getting same high pitched noise when the ac adapter is plugged in and not connected to the treo...very annoying. I find myself unplugging the ac adapter when not charging to avoid the noise...

    are people planning on returning their adapters??
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    isn't this a bit neurotic? It only makes a noise (for ones that it do make noise) when it's plugged in and NOT plugged in to the phone.

    Why would you want this charger plugged in all the time anyway?

    Now, if this was a cradle (which should've been included), I could understand this being a problem.

    But returning it will probably just get you another noisy one, so what good would that do?

    I'd suggest getting the cradle.

    I would like to note that mine squeels too. (i thought it was my outlet at first).
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    One more squealy AC charger here!
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    I noticed the same problem. This problem does not exist with my 180 charger. My guess is that there was a design change on the supply, probably a capacitor change. Under load conditions (plug in the phone), the noise goes away.

    I agree that it is pointless to return it for another if the design is causing the problem. Anyone talked to HS/PalmOne about it?
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    Same problem here, and it's a pain to have to unplug it by crawling under my desk.
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    It drives my wife crazy. I guess women can pick up those sounds better. My dog seems to be in a bad mood too ;-) It's bogus if you have to unplug it when you're not charging. My outlet is hard to get to.

    So how best to notify Handspring? E-mail them the thread?
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    Here is P1's response to the "mystery" hum...

    "Some Treo 600 chargers tend to "hum gently to themselves" with a high-pitched buzz when they are plugged in. The degree of noisiness depends on your surroundings: if you're in a typical office setting, you probably won't notice it, but if you're in a very quiet room it may be more audible.

    Will this damage anything? No. While the buzzing might confuse your average pet cat, it does not pose any threat to you, your device or your electrical connection. Or your cat.

    Your device will charge normally, and the buzzing does not indicate malfunction."

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