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    hello !

    it's been a while since i try and reformat anything i can in .pdb format to read it on my treo600.

    MSreader proprietary format .lit can converted to HTML with a powerfull utility called c-lit (freeware).

    from there you can ISILOX the HTML file to .pdb and hotsync to the treo600.

    i've got just this one problem...

    ...i'm stuck with C-LIT !!!

    ...get to EXPLODE the .lit
    ...get to DOWNCONVERT to "sealed"
    ...can't INSCRIBE !!!

    if anyone among you knows what i'm talking about, please reply with directions or links; been to the creator website, read the readme file; surfed the web for forums and no luck yet...

    ...BTW - do i need to inscribe or DOWNCONVERT at all ?
    this seems to create just another .lit file...

    where is the HTML version of my original .lit ??!!!??

    THX !!!

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