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    I am trying to decide on which case will work best for me. Since this is a question that has been discussed over and over and will continue to come up here is a list of some of the cases I have found. This "should" help with some of the repetitive questions about the cases. Once you have found a case on this list that you might be interested in, just do a search on the name and you most likely will find feedback from other users.

    Please feel free to add links to this list.

    EB Cases





    Case Techworks

    Brando Workshop



    New as of Dec 1:


    Hope this helps.

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    My favorite is still the Apple iPod case - just like the slip case that comes with the 600 but with a belt clip. It's a perfect fit, low profile, and very discreet.
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    Does anyone know which cases has a plastic cover over the screen or the keyboard. I don't like the plastic cover.
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    I added a page on our Accessories page to the list posted by cash70, at our site.
    Its #6 from your treo phone.
    I credited cash70.
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    Originally posted by ksmith80209
    My favorite is still the Apple iPod case - just like the slip case that comes with the 600 but with a belt clip. It's a perfect fit, low profile, and very discreet.
    This may be risky, if you are describing the case which comes with the iPod. The belt clip snapped right off mine, dropping my iPod to the pavement. I assume it could do the same with the Treo 600 in it, which I believe weighs as much or more than the iPod.

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    yeah the case included with the ipod sucks in my opinion. i dropped my ipod twice with that case and just stopped using the case and bought another after-market case. the clip is not secure. maybe apple wants you to bust your ipod and buy a new one. i certainly don't want to drop my new treo...
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    Not to sound like a cheapskate, but I have usually found an ample supply of small gorgeous generic leather cases at the Wilson Leather Shops which do just fine for the iPod, the Treo etc. etc. for between $10-15.

    The leather is usually soft supple sheepskin, like a great leather jacket, and while these are not custom form fitting cases, and are generally a little larger, this allows room for you to carry your earphone and if desired even the synch cord in a separate zippered compartment, and the belt clips are strong and reassuring.

    The slightly large size is an asset in the sense that you can quickly pull your smartphone out to answer a phone call. To me, the cases that are very snug fitting and yet even cover the keyboard and screen, like the one that came in the box with the Treo 600, are impractical. (You wouldn't survive many duels with that one. And the ones with the proper cutouts make you hold the case against your face, which is okay if you don't mind.

    I'm using one now for my iPod, and will soon check to see if they have one suitable for my Treo 600.

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    Thanks Cash70. This is a great list and I appreciate having all the info in one place. Nice job.
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    There is a comprehensive and frequently updated list of all available Treo 600 compatible accessories (including cases) available at Treo 600 Essentials...


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