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    I transferred the program "Verichat" from my treo 270 to the 600 today, but on the 600 it is all monochrome, not in colour as on the 270. Anyone know the fix pls for this. I have sent email to VeriChat disributors but thought someone here on the Forum may have had the same issue and solved it. Thnks from Western Australia
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    Do a search, there are many threads on this. Verichat works in full color flawlessly on the 600. You will need to download the latest version from their website. Happy chatting!
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    can't remember for sure, and I may be confusing this with another PDAApps program, but you may have to pay a little upgrade charge to go to the 600 version of Verichat. The nav pad integration is well worth it.
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    I don't think you have to pay for a VeriChat upgrade, but you do for Treo600SMS.
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    Upgrading VeriChat is free, you're just getting the latest version of the same application. They do charge for Treo600SMS even if you already bought Treo300SMS... oh well.

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