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I just got my cable today and the performance is crap ..... I plugged in the cable and I get a constant charge beep and the a disconnect beep every 2-3 secs...
Glad to know (but sorry to hear) this is happening for someone else. I bought the first sync-n-charge-retractable (from here on TreoCentral, not the boxwave one) about six months ago, and one of the side teeth snapped off as described, and I started to get the charge/disconnect beep problem.

I bought another, and new out of the bag it did the same thing. And the old one started to occasionally work fine. It seems to be an intermittent problem -- thought it might be just my PowerBook, but it does the same thing on an XP desktop too sometimes. But it's VERY intermittent, and sometimes a reboot or cable jiggle temporarily fixes it.

Very annoying. Avoid buying one at all costs.