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    ok, the replacement cable arrived and this works!

    of course doesn't work when i put my laptop in standby, because in that case the usb port is not powered.

    and i noticed that with the cable plugged into the usb port, i cannot use the other usb port adjacent to it, because of the size of the plug (what doesn't happen with the original HS cable that comes in the box).

    i also noticed some kind of 'working' on one side of the plug, which makes me think that this cable could have been part of the miswired batch, eventually repaired. (maybe it is the same cable i sent back to them??? that would explain why it took so long to have the new one sent to me...)

    oh, and if you're wondering, there is no sync button on it, so you have to sync by software.

    hopefully this helps all the guys who still have to decide if they want to buy this (or similar) cable.
    i can say that i am only partially satisfied, but i still believe it's the best solution you can find out there (if it costed 5 bucks less i would be completely satisfied! )
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    I just purchased a FirstClass retractable sync/charger cable. It is charging fine, but it doesn't seem to be syncing with Outlook. I'm told it should automatically sync, but when I add a test contact and a test meeting in OUtlook, they do not appear in my Treo 300. I tried unplugging and repluggling the cable, but it still didn't sync. The hotsync dialog box doesn't show up at all.

    any ideas?

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    A "Friend" gave me one of these cables and I hated it. I already had a sync and charge cable from HS which worked without a hitch but I thought it'd be good to have one at all time on my docking station at work so I could leave my phone there.

    Well, my first disappointement was the lack of the Hotsync button. Ok, it's not a big deal, go in the Hotsync app and click on the screen but still, I kind of expected a full copy of my current cable with a smaller footprint.

    Next, the connectors did not fit as well or easily as on my other cable, and after a short while, one of the tooth on the side broke. Which is when the third problem started: lacking perfect guiding alignement, a couple of times when I used it my Treo would hang up (necessiting a reset) AND my PC gave me an error message of "USB Power Overload"

    So anyway, I threw it away, got another standard Palmone for a replacement and have been very happy ever since, thank you

    It's too bad cause the cable DOES look good and the retracting mechanism works really well.

    my $0.02
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    I used a boxwave on my Sony UX50 and now with my 600. Never had a problem.
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    I am waiting for my third Boxwave cable. Both times exactly the same problem. Real pain since each time they have to ship to South Africa which is FAR AWAY!!!

    Gfunk - maybe try the other brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorny
    I am waiting for my third Boxwave cable. Both times exactly the same problem. Real pain since each time they have to ship to South Africa which is FAR AWAY!!!

    Gfunk - maybe try the other brand.


    Probably the best suggestion. I actually have the boxwave minisync cable and it is the biggest piece of shiit I have every owned!!!

    The freaking thing constantly hard resets the treo when you try to insert it into the serial connector (search other threads) causing numerous headaches. Boxwave should bundle backupman as a necessity with this stupid cable! Furthermore, the spring coiled cable housing on mine also broke!! Can you believe it? I'm very careful to not over-extend or aggressive pull out the cable, but somehow the damn thing will no longer recoil! Anyway, I've had sooooo many bad experiences with the Boxwave minisync that I strenuoulsy advise everyone TO NOT buy it...
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    I have had good luck with mine so far. Not to minimize other folks' bad experiences, mind you, but thought I'd throw in my $.02.
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    I have used the Boxwave and agree it sucks. Is there any consensus on a retractable cable that does work? I have thought about purchasing a Zip-Linq, but haven't yet due to my bad experience with the Boxwave.
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    I have had the BoxWave cable since late last year. I travel extensively, use it everywhere, and I'm not particularly gentle with it. It works great.

    Actually, I'm using it right now to post this via PDANet.
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    I've been using the boxwave cable for about 3 months, never had a single problem. I primarily use it to charge my phone during long meetings, so it is not my primary cable. Perfect for it's mobility factor. Sorry so many have had issues, but I've yet to see any....

    Just my .02 cents

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    When connecting the boxwave cable to the treo does it slide right in or is it a tight fit. Just wondering since I just bought a zip linq but had to give it a slight push to go in. Unlike the OEM charger which slides right in.
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    My boxwave cable is broken/defective as well. I've had it for 6-8 months and the blacks side things broke as well, and now attempting to insert it into my treo causes hard resets . Well, THAT was quite a surprise!
    I guess I'll write to boxwave, see what they'll do. Not buying another one, though.
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    I've used the boxwave sync cable for about 6 weeks and so far I have not had any problems with it. I use it at least 4-5 days a week.
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    Out of curiousity, does the host computer have to be turned on for the charging to work? I'm thinking the palmone cable will be my best bet, eh? Can anyone attest to the cables listed for less than $10 all over froogle and ebay?
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    I'm on my fourth or fifth Boxwave minisync cable. The connector is definitely not as robust as the Handspring connector. The only good thing is that Boxwave is happy to keep replacing them for free when they break. I've gotten used to it. At some point, Boxwave should see the light and change the connector. I've actually thought about cutting off the connector from an old Handspring cable and putting it on the retractable cable. This is probably what I will do the next time the connector breaks.
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    I like the boxwave sync. It works great I've had nothign but problems with Handspring's connector

    my .02 cents
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    I just got my cable today and the performance is crap ..... I plugged in the cable and I get a constant charge beep and the a disconnect beep every 2-3 secs....

    Does anyone have a boxwave customer service Telephone number...I have emailed them and yet no responce from them.
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    I'm on my third TreoCentral "Sync & Charge" cable. The connectors wear out and begin to short-circuit the Treo, causing it to hard reset and lose all data. TreoCentral refused to replace it, even though it's clearly a fundamentally defective product. Avoid.

    If yours is still working it's only a matter of time until it breaks. Be sure to discard as soon as you see breakage on the end of the cable that plugs into your Treo. Once the connector starts to fail it will begin to short-circuit the Treo 600's connectors and force a hard reset.
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    I have the Treocentral sync & charge and yes, it's a piece of crap. Can't use it anymore without resets etc.
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    I have to say these "yo-yo" style cables have caused me problems as well -- hard resets. On my last trip, I had several of these experiences... about 1 out of 3 times. I had to do backup to SD card before syncing :-(
    Bill Petro
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