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    Just ran across this program on Handango. Is it new? Never saw it before. At $49.95 it's pricey, but looks like it does alot.
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    It's been around for a while. It seems to be one of these silly things which uses a proprietary gateway you have to subscribe to ($50/year!), rather than just using the much superior IMAP protocol. The benefit is that you get 'push' notification for your POP accounts too, if you are using POP still for some reason.
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    Oh, and it's another $20 to enable SSL support.
    Jeremy Howard
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    You can checkout Corsoft's page directly here:

    They actually offer you a free 30 day trial of their personal email client. Search the forums for more info. From what I've read in the past, the service is very slick and great for push email functionality be it imap, pop3 or whatever...
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    Good email app. Had a 1-year subscription. Used it a lot on my 270 until SnapperMail came out. IMO, no comparison. Worst thing about Corsoft Aileron: Technical support. Very difficult to reach. Always.
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    Someone once said if you had IMAP compatible email you could just activate this true, or do I have to have something else enabled?

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