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    Have been using the Visto redirector for about a month. All of sudden it is causing a soft reset when I open messages in the the outbox or recent ones in the sent box. anyone else seen this?
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    I am using it and but haven't had those kind of problems. My experience is that it works great for a day, then I go 2 days with no email or notification of email. Sometimes I get a notification, it goes and checks my account and there is no email to be downloaded. Then it works for a few more hours, etc, etc, etc. I have written them a few times and it usually takes a few days to get a response. They told me that they have an upgraded version for the 600 coming out sometime this month.

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    It works a little more consistently for me, but the SMS push doesn't always work. I sometimes do a manual pull which catches me up to date. I have written to them about a number of concerns about their interface and about some glitches. Hopefully they'll fix some of these problems in their upcoming version.

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