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    Well, first San Disk now Hagiwara Sys-Com -- another Palm WiFi accessory is delayed. Hagiwara had promised their Palm OS 5+ WiFi Memory Stick would be launched in late November. The date slipped to December 3, but now has slipped way out to February 28, 2004. The reason? Like San Disk, it's compatability issues with all the micro-managed versions of Palm OS 5+ that drive the Sony Clies. Supposedly, the WiFi MS works with OS 5, and 5.1 units, but not the newer 5.2 and higher systems.

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    Originally posted by jsr

    Did they actually charge it or did they just put a hold (or whatever it is called) on the funds? They havenít officially charged my card yet but they did reserve the money even though they donít have the card...

    I'm about ready to cancel the order and report it as a fraudulent charge. If they have already lied to me once about my order being ready how can I trust them next time they tell me it is ready? I don't have time to drive there everyday just to have them tell me how messed up their own system is.
    I ordered it, the money came out of my account, as in, the transaction is complete according to my bank. Sears sent me an email saying I'd get an email telling me when my purchase was available for pickup. They also said that the estimated date that the "expected due in store date" was 12/5.
    Now, I wait...............
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    Got my "Rady to pick up" email.

    I go to the Sears to pick it up and it's not there. (so, @ merchandise pickup, it was a greater than 5 min wait - I got a $5 coupon) I go home, call the 800 number and they told me that it IS there. Well, it wasn't. I go there a second time the following day (today) to check with the manager in the electronics section and he verifies that it's not in stock. He does find that at a nearby sears, that they have two on hand. He cancels my order and does a transfer sale to the other store. Only this time, I could use the $5 coupon from yesterday plus a $13 return gift card (Which I couldn't use online).

    I go to the second sears store and they don't have it (like the other guy claimed (two)). They had two on order.. But then found out later that no sears warehouse had them so they weren't getting ANY! The manager calls other Sears stores that show inventory on his system. None physically have it. After about half an hour, he asks if I'll take two 256mb cards for the same price plus another $5 off coupon since I've been waiting for more than 5 min @ merchandise pickup (IMO, should be $5 per 5 min!! )

    I walked out of the store with two 256mb cards for about $80 (with coupons and some gift card thing that was about to expire this xmas).

    Not as convenient as a 512 but a-ok to me...

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    Didn't get an email; got a phonecall from the Sears store that I had designated as the pickup store. They said my merchandise is in. This story doesn't end until I actually have the stuff in my hot little hands!
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    Guess I was lucky.. ordered mine, got the confirmation email that is was in, called, was told they had it.. went and picked up it. Went about as smooth as possible.

    Only problem now is I have another one coming from a friend of mine who picked me up on in New Mexico so that one will be hitting the Marketplace when I have it in my hands.
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    In case such a deal appears again, is there a good SD Card-to-USB adapter out there that's sold seperately? (i.e. something like the Sandisk Cruzer series w/out the SD Card included)
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    The price is unreal.
    I don't believe it until one says he has one from them.
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    Ive got a working tracking number from them Says its in transit! Woohoo!
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    Please let me know if anyone has an SD card extra
    I have paypal and have cash waiting for a deal if you want to sell a card you do not need

    thanks in advance
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    well, to end my tale, went to sears cs, waited a few minutes, and now I'm back home with my 2 512 sd cards. flawless execution. only problem now is how to fill them up!
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    Originally posted by ido
    well, to end my tale, went to sears cs, waited a few minutes, and now I'm back home with my 2 512 sd cards. flawless execution. only problem now is how to fill them up!
    Well, you are lucky. I just got another call from Sears 5 minutes ago letting me know that my order that they sent the email for on Thursday is in and ready to be picked up. I made them go and check to make sure and then they came back and said that they didnt have the order and the product number that sent them was invalid so they would never get it in stock and the only thing they could do was cancel the order. Somehow I am not suprised.
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    Welp.. i didn't look at this thread again until now.. but i made my order the night this thread first got posted.. i was a little nervous when i didn't see an order confirmation for a couple of days.. but i got one.. it got shipped.. and as of a few hours ago..I am now the proud owner of a 512 card ....

    guess i got lucky from the sound of it....

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    I'm sorry but, there is no other way to put it. After reading the post's here (THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP TO ALL WHO DID) I went to the site and ordered immediately. Was thrilled to get the email telling me to come on down and pick it up at my local store, even though this was in another borough of New York City. Hopped the old subway out to Brooklyn on the big snowy day excited about getting such a great deal and was whistling all the way there. My mood was soon crushed, killed and destroyed. Three departments, two stock clerks, four floor sales agents and one manager couldn't make it right. An hour and a half later I walked out empty handed with no song in my heart (or on my Treo). Never seen such bad customer service in my life. They said they would call me today and didn't. I'll try again tomorrow. Not sure my time (and mood) were worth it but am still grateful to those who let us all know about the good deal.
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    Ok... I ordered mine from Sears on the 19th, 10 days ago, today no package, I recieved a tracking number 5 days ago and everyday I check I get this:

    3:44 A.M.

    Dec 4, 2003

    9:03 P.M.


    Until today, where they tacked this onto it:

    Dec 9, 2003
    2:26 P.M.

    WHAAA???? Wheres my card? Has it even left the warehouse yet? I never recieved anything about a shipping delay, and it said I was to recieve the card in 4-7 days...

    I already sold off and mailed out my two other cards that im not planning on using so im pretty much cardless right now...
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    I ordered the card on Mon, Dec 1, and received an email confirmation of the card waiting for me at the Sears in Dedham, MA (Cambridge was sold out) on Dec 2.

    After much confusion, no card. They said they were expecting them the following week. <sigh>

    Called yesterday, because I noticed the card was no longer even LISTED on their Web site. No cards expected - ever. Cancelled my order (AND reversed the charge they already made on my credit card!!!!).


    Ever actually look at the crap they sell there? They have NO clue. Typical 50 year old woman saleslady who probably was working in 'Lawn Furniture' last week.
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    I ordered mine the 4th, and according to the UPS tracking number I got from Sears CS it shipped out from Addison, IL on the 5th and arrived in Vernon, CA this afternoon. I live in Los Angeles, so even though the scheduled delivery date is the 15th I'll probably get it by Friday.
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    Mine went from Addison to Vernon as well.
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    I ordered my card on Dec. 2nd for in store pick-up. The confirmation email I got said the estimated day of arrival was Dec. 9th (yesterday) well as of today I have not recieved any email saying it is ready for pick up. I just sent an email to their costomer service asking what the status is. we'll se what kind of response i get back.

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    Alrighty- after having called THREE times today to try and get to the right person, I may have succeeded. I received a voice mail that my item could be picked up from the Brooklyn store immediately. As I didn't want to get screwed again, I called the actual guy in the pickup room (we bonded up the other day when I was there endlessly) and he says it's there waiting for me. Here's hoping- going out there on Sat. to pick it up. Will let you know.
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    Just recieved my .5oz card in the mail in a package made for something thats over 10lbs and filled to the brim with foam haha. I got my card though!
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