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    I can get on... but when I shut down chatter...... it doesn't log me off AOL, I dont get the messages.... but it still shows me online.

    My friend and I are both having the same problem
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    How are you logging off?
    (Are you using 'Shutdown Chatter"? Otherwise, you will still be logged on to AIM through the chatter server.)

    Are you logged in on another computer also, which may be retrying and then regain the AIM connection when the Chatter service quits? (I've seen this sort of thing when I was logged in on several competing AIM platforms.)

    Are you logging in with other services, such as Yahoo, MSN, or ICQ, which do shutdown when you have given a "Shutdown Chatter" command?
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    I am using "shutdown chatter"

    and so far as I am aware... I am not using any other services... however... when I shut down chatter...the AIM name stays online.

    I have spoken to Marc and he doesn't see what isn't working... i just wanted to know if the problem is unique to my friend and I
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    I think I've found your problem and am sending you a new rev.

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    Marc fixed it again......

    this is the best program ever... if you arent using it.... switch
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    Just BTW - Marc suggests in the FAQ registering a 2nd screen name for your mobile, so you don't have to log off. I've done that recently, and it really improves the effectiveness of the program.
    Jeremy Howard

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