Hi all,
I am considering buying a Treo 600. I currently have t-mobile service. As you all know, T-mobile does not yet have the 600 as part of its line. This is where a few questions come to mind that I do not have positive answers for and I hope you can help me.

1) If I buy a Treo 600 AT&T using the Handspring "upgrade" offer, can that phone be "unlocked" to work on the T-Mobile network?

2) If it CAN be unloocked, how? Do I have to call AT&T? Call t-mobile? I have called both CS depts and both have told me that they do NOT provide codes or instructions to unlock any phone that is not bought through them.

3) I was told that even if the AT&T phone can be unlocked to work on the t-mobile network, some features, specifically internet access, mail, etc will NOT work. The only thing that WILL work is the making and receiving of calls and of course the PDA on the phone itself but Internet will NOT work.
Can anyone attest or deny that?

4) Lastly, if I buy an "unlocked" Treo 600 on ebay (for example) will all the features (internet) work on that phone with my t-mobile service?

Thanks for your time!