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    While waiting for my Cingular/Tmo T600, I also placed an order with Sprint for the $250 promo price. How can you ignore that price vs. $600? My original shipping date was November 29th. This morning it's been updated to January 2nd.
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    That's really disappointing....
    I'm sorry to hear that.

    At that day, I ordered one for me around 10PM in my bed
    and it was shipped on 26th.
    Now I'm waiting for delivery to my place tomorrow.
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    I have a question about the Amazon and Sprint rebate coupons.

    I just ordered the T600 from Amazon and printed the two sets of rebate coupons ($150 Sprint & $200 Amazon) from the Amazon site. Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but the small print on the Sprint rebate requires the "original certificate" (i.e. rebate coupon) and further states "NO PHOTOCOPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED".

    Will printouts of the certificate from Amazon's site qualify as "original"?

    Also, the Amazon rebate coupon states that a 1st month
    Sprint bill must be submitted with their coupon by 1/30/2004. If the Treo 600's won't even arrive until 1/14/2004, there's really not much of a chance that anybody will be able to submit the Amazon rebate with the 1st month's bill.

    Anybody have any experience with Amazon and Sprint regarding these circumstances?

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    You should be asking Amazon these questions. Since theirs is the only opinion that matters .
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    yeah, I read that no photocopies thing. So what I did was go into a sprint store, those mail-in rebates are everywhere and got one that had the handsprint treo 600 on it. I'm mailing that in and will see how it works out.
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    My Amazon rebate experience was very good. I did the same type of double rebate (Sprint and Amazon) for my T300, last NoV.

    All worked great, and it did take a while to ge the first bill. I would email Amazon, to make sure that as long as your CC is charged by the date before the offer expires, that you can get the rebate when the bill arrives. It does take a while to ge that first bill (as much as 45 days). So I would get something in writing from Amazon.

    WHile it did take quite a while to get the check from Amazon (60 days after I sent it in), I did eventually get it.

    Hope that helps,

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    My experience with Amazon on the Treo 300 rebates was lousy. While I eventually got the rebates, it was quite an ordeal. In short, first you had to provide all sorts of documentation (including your first phone bill), then when I dutifully assembled and mailed all this in and waited and waited, when I contacted rebatestatus they said they had no record of my application. Asked me to fax all the info to them again. Luckily I had copied everything (anticipating this very situation) and tried to fax it to them. Their fax number didn't work. Contacted them again (all these phone calls involved long waits on hold). They said I was trying to fax at a busy time. Try less busy times. Tried to fax the info. several times at different hours of the day and days of the week. Still didn't work. Finally contacted Amazon again and told them I was going to report them to the Attorney General. After a few discussions with Amazon, they agreed to contact rebatestatus and instruct them to "expedite" my rebate. My "expedited" rebate arrived a few weeks later, which was 3-4 months after I sent in the info and probably 5-6 months after I bought my Treo 300.

    My advice to anybody buying with Amazon rebates...(1) Make copies of EVERYTHING you send to them (2) Send by certified mail. That way they can't act like they didn't receive it.

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