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    I recently got bizcon PERSONAL edition on my TREO600 and have been having trouble with:

    1) Seeing my SUB-folders from the PDA client (although I can see them by logging on to the Bizcon website). From my Palm, I can see the exchange mailbox but not the subfolders in it. In its online documentation, Sprint does mention that "subscriber defined" mailfolders are viewable from Bizcon ENTERPRISE edition. Does this mean they are NOT available from Personal Edition?!?

    2) Emailing contacts in my Palm Address book (synced from Outlook). Actually, I CAN email them but it seems like first I must add them to a recipient list by doing a manual search and then choose one from that list! This seems astoundingly clunky. Why the intermediary step? Does this mean I must manually add all 500 or so contacts to a recipient list? Can you later delete entries from the recipient list?

    3) document viewing. Viewing .xls documents from the is assigned folder on my PC is an exercise in futility. I can do it with Bizcon but the documents are so heavily reformatted (think no cells whatsoever!!!) as to make them unreadable.

    Does anyone know anything about these issues? How long is "push" taking?

    I love my Treo but bizcon ain't exactly Blackberry or Good!!
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    So for #3, I gave up on BC and went with Dataviz's ( Inbox to go Wireless program coupled with Docs to Go. This syncs my Outlook inbox and all its emails with attachments onto the T600 so I can see those and it also wirelessly pushes new email to my device with the same attachment support. Well it pushes the email to the Dataviz server every 15 minutes but then I have to manually tell the Palm client to check the Dataviz server for new email. So I have two push email programs running in the background, BC and Inbox to go. I use BC to have emails automatically pushed to my device and in the event I see one of them that has an attachment I want to view, I then tell Inbox to go to check email, at which point it downloads the email with its attachment and allows me to view it in Docs-to-go. If only BC would include support for interfacing with Docs-to-go, then I would be all set.

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