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    I've got close to 6,000 business contacts in Outlook, broken down by categories, and even though I don't need them all on my phone, I am wondering what's the best contact management program for transferring all of those contacts to the 600? Is it counterproductive to have that many contacts?

    I've also got a 512MB Panasonic SD card on order, so I can keep them on the card if possible.

    Any ideas?
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    I am wondering the same thing. I have a large contacts database (although not like yours) and want to know what people recommend.

    The basic phone application does not sort by category, which is what I need most.
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    I found Keycontacts, which looks pretty good:

    But I'm not sure how it handles large databases.
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    I downloaded the trial version of keysuite with keycontacts. I'm wondering why the 5-way navigator button doesn't work like on the built -in address book.
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    Beyond Contacts handles Outlook and more than 6000 contacts OK.

    The built-in address book has problems with No Caller ID if you have more than 3000 -4000 contacts.

    I keep 3000 contacts in the built-in address book, and 6000 in Beyond Contacts, but I am looking for something that does not use the built-in database, but does allow easy dialling from the Treo, as well as easy import/export to the built-in database.
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    This has been my problem as well. I love the Treo but Palm software either really sucks or I am not using it correctly. I moved to the treo from a psion 3mx and had 2000 contacts. I can not find a program which will search all fields, not just company and names. I have tried contacts4, contactspro, key contacts, beyond contacts, act for palm and others. None have the all inclusive search feature of the psion. Any suggestions
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