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    Greetings! I'm searching best way to rip my audiobook cds and play them on the treo 600 (while saving the most space).

    I am very new to palm applications, and cd ripping, codecs, etc. I read though the forums and I would appreciate any advice from the group.

    I have a 256 card. If I simply rip to mp3, it appears that many of my books (10 hours plus) won't fit? I see that .ogg has higher compression (about 1/3 the size?), is this the best way?

    Things I think I need:

    1) Pocket Tunes (basic version)
    2) cd ripper that converts .wav to .ogg (I downloaded db poweramp music converter).

    Am I on the right track? Is there a better way?

    Much thanks.
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    Originally posted by sarnford
    Greetings! I'm searching best way to rip my audiobook cds and play them on the treo 600 (while saving the most space).
    I like AeroPlayer for a MP3 / OGG player, and it supports the Treo 600 with the following caveat:
    AeroPlayer currently runs on the new Treo, but it has not been optimized. There is no skin support and not all of the hard buttons work. The device will be fully supported with, or soon after, the release of AeroPlayer 3.0. cite
    As for converting from CD tracks to .mp3 or .ogg format, I have always used Musicmatch Jukebox for Windows. I would prefer something a little simpler, but it was recommended to me by a friend and I was too lazy to check out alternatives.

    Once you've ripped to .mp3 or .ogg, you can just copy the files to a SD card using a cardreader. Or the more painful way is to do 'install to card' from your HotSync install tool.

    Hope this helps. I am by no means one of those people who is good with audio stuff, so there are probably much better ways of doing this by now. I would be interested to hear what you find out, as I find myself faced with 8 hours of driving each weekend these days and have been considering books-on-CD for some time now.

    -Jeff Ishaq
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    Pocket Tunes will work great for playing your MP3 files. WIth Deluxe, you can even stream ShoutWave broadcasts.

    Another audio book idea you should consider is

    They have a T600 player and you can buy audio books one at a time or buy a subscription. $14.95 a month gets you one audio book and a daily audio news/magazine subscription. A few bucks more gets you 2 audio books per month. That's a great savings and it's very convenient.

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    I can't seem to find the palm t600 audio player on the audible site. Can anyone help me point to it? Looking for software there is tricky!

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    If you register and subscribe to their monthly service (looks like a good deal), then you will be taken step by step to installing the software. I just did it and it was really simple. Does anyone have a suggestion fors a book or subscription?
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    You can download the software at:
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    Pocket tunes will work fine for your audio books. Rip the cds to mp3 but use 24kbps and mono which works just fine for spoken word audio files. Using this technique, I currently have all 20+ CDs of Harry Potter book 5 on my Treo 600 in a single 256MB card.

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    Originally posted by varoomba
    Another audio book idea you should consider is
    I just checked out their site, it looks cool. Thanks for the tip.

    -Jeff Ishaq
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    Try They have mp3 versions of their books that they distribute by cd. Then just load the mp3 files onto your SD card.
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    I know audible will play the mp3's, but can it read the .ogg files?
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    I believe if you go to that you can get a special promo of a free month of I signed up last week and was able to get 2 free audio books.

    Good deal and the Audible Manager software works well (Manager and Treo 600 App).
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    I've got a few audio books on my card and am using Pocket Tunes 2.1.1 basic. If I need to go to another app and come back, it usually forgets where I was and it's nearly impossible to find the same spot where I was before. The slider keeps going back to the start for playing and doesn't show a good indication of where I am trying now. It also appears to index every 99 minutes of reading with a small subscript 1, 2, 3, etc. but that is also of little use when trying to find where I was.

    Does Deluxe fix this problem or do any of the other readers mentioned in this thread handle this situation better?
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    Try Apple itunes for windows (or mac) for ripping your wav files. It is free and very easy to use.

    You can set the mp3 compression to 96 to save space, and you'll probably never notice the difference on a spoken word piece like an audio book.
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    hey Raw,

    Go for the Deluxe of PTunes as it gives you bookmark options (and you'll get the ability to stream Shoutcast). I have auto bookmarks checked and it will return to where I left off.
    As to everyone's praise of I will have to second that emotion. I have two subscriptions to, one is for two books a month and the other is for one book and a subscription (usually I use it for Science News). Their player works great, their book selection is excellent and if you have a long commute or do a lot of driving it can't be beat. The fast forward and back buttons work very intuitively on the player, but you can't use it on regular MP3's.

    Roger Kadau
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    Well, I purchased the Deluxe version. However, since the slider and timer reset to 0:00 when I start in the middle of the "book", when I set the bookmark (say 20 minutes after listening) and then later go back to it, it plays starting the book 20 minutes into the book - not 20 minutes from when I started listening previously.

    Oh well. Hopefully, if I start a book from the beginning, it won't have the same problems. And hopefully, they'll get this fixed soon so we won't have these problems in the future. And truly hopefully, I won't have wasted my money on the upgrade to Deluxe...

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