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    I downloaded the trial versions of Chatter & Verichat to see which one I like best before purchasing. When I open Chatter I cannot connect and am getting the following message:

    server is not recognizing my name & password.>

    I have sent messages to Marc, but have not received a response.

    When I open Verichat I get the following:

    <You have been logged off the MSN IM proxy server.>
    <You have been logged off the Yahoo! IM proxy server.>

    After clearing the two messages, I get:

    <Connecting to (MSN, Yahoo!, Aim & ICQ) proxy...>

    I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and what do I need to do to get connected. I've had no other problems connecting to anything else with the phone (T600) via Sprint. Appreciate the help.

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    I imagine Marc is simply behind in updating accounts... he'll give you a name and password - until then you won't be able to get on.
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    I have a name & password already. That's why I don't understand this problem.
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    Originally posted by treosixoo
    I have a name & password already. That's why I don't understand this problem.
    I just downloaded Chatter. I think that the name and password for logging in is not the same as the IM services (AIM, YM, ICQ, MSM) names and passwords, in case you weren't aware of this like me. I'm now waiting for the return email with my password.
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    You should have a master Chatter ID and password to log into the server.

    If you have these you can open Chatter and using your menu button move over to the "Service" menu and drop down to "IM Server". Check that your User ID and Password are correctly entered.

    If they are move down to "Reset Servers" and select this. Chatter will try to reconnect.

    Once logged into the server you will see a small "IM" in the top right corner of your screen.

    Then, and only then, are you able to log into your individual IM accounts. Each one is configured seperately under the Service menu (press menu button and then use 5-way to move over to right side of menu bar at top).

    This is all clearly explained in the Chatter documentation.

    If your settings are correct than contact Marc Blank at the Chatter Discussion Board at

    Good luck!
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    treosixoo - I can't find any messages from you! (But I'll apologize anyway for the problems you're having) Where are you sending them? should work; send me an email and I'll sort this out (perhaps there's a typo on my end or your end...)

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    Marc stepped up to the plate and walked me through the problem. Thanks Marc. And I thought great customer service was a thing of the past. Chatter is a great product and has won me over as a customer.

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