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    Originally posted by procure
    I have Worldmate, so I don't really need City Time. What is the usefulness of that app anyway? Just to look up times in other countries, or am I missing something?

    Personally I would like to know if it can be removed from the phone. I own a watch; I dont need time zones on my phone; for me they serve no purpose.

    Come to think of it, if it weren't for this thread I would have forgotten that its even on the phone.
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    christo1970, My fellow Austinite...

    I have this for Austin
    -6 GMT
    30-18N 97-42W

    and this for Dallas (defualt)
    DST- Auto
    32-46N 96-47W

    So it should be the same I assume?

    Please try this for me. After your get everythign where you want it and your set to Dallas for your home city, turn off the "Enable Local Network Time"(ELNT) and see what you get.

    I had my ELNT set to off and Ausitn as my home city. I slected Dallas and all seemed good. then I turned ELNT on, then off and got the same wrong info
    Timezone - Mountain (we are Central)
    DST on (should be off)

    After I selected Dallas with the ELNT on, I went back into Citytime and got the same error.

    how about you?

    BTW.. Iagree the calculations for howmuch time of the day and all that stuff is great. I like how you can choose Natical or Sunride to Sun set or Civil and such too. I jetski alot and use this info.

    Regards, matt
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    Try FileZ
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    Nearly everytime I use City Time my Treo thinks I am in Alaska instead of Sacramento.

    To correct the time I can not just use the drop down list to change my location when the alert pops up that my time zone, or whatever it says, is incorrect.

    If I do not use the change location selection and choose the I'm moving feature to select Sacramento my clock is one hour off, but the next time I use city time I am usually back to Alaska again.

    I never had to worry about the correct time with Verizon or T-Mobile. How can the network time signal be incorrect on Sprint?
    That is just absurd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burkhardi
    It geared more to a business person that travles or has accounts in different time zones. Also good for people who have kin and friends all over the word or nation. It lets me change location with ease and still keep taps on stuff all over the world. I find it very usefull.

    Does Wordmate have provisions for this? I assume it's a document engine for Palm, I use Documents to Go (Word,Excell, Powerpoint and such) I have zero understanding of Wordmate.

    Worldmate is a great piece of software that is designed for people who travel internationally.

    It has 4 clocks you can set up in different time zones. Downloads and displays weather information for a whole bunch of world cities, downloads exchange rates and therefore you can do quick calculations, and has international size information for clothes, shoes etc. It also has a shopping list builder, if I remember right.

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