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    Since the TREO 600 uses a non-replaceable battery, I was wondering what happens when the battery konks in the future; does the Treo end up in the bin?

    Also what's the estimated time period the battery will last on the Treo for an average user?
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    With the Treo 300 when the battery dies yes you might as well toss the thing in the dump. Which is why it is good to a replacement plan. Sprint's is around $4-5 a month and has a $35 deductable, but it's worth it.

    After a year with my Treo 300 it's battery is nothing like it used to be and it only gets worse.
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    Not so fast. You can get a replacement battery for around $50.

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    I suppose you could eventually buy replacement Treo600 internal batteries...but I would wager you will probably on the next greatest gadget by then!
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