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    Ok, I've read a zillion discussions regarding cases for the Treo 600 all over the web.

    Nobody in town sells a real Handspring case (including the freakin' Best Buy that sold me the phone), so I can't see either the horizontal or the skin case firsthand without ordering one.

    I've scoured the town for any other cell phone (or even PDA case) that might do the trick. The closest I have come is a universal Body Glove belt clip case that works but is a tad too form fitting for easy insertion and removal. It scares me that I'll drop it sometime because of that extra effort needed to shove it into the opening precisely.

    On my Treo 300 I had a CaseTechWorks Convertible ( with the belt clip. It did the trick and made my 300 usable but reasonably well protected from minor drops and scuffs. If it rang, I could grab it right off the belt and click it right back on without any hassle.

    I can't seem to find anything equivalent for the 600 yet. Everything I love about the size and shape of the 600 is making it hard to imagine it's going to be possible. I can see the screen getting crushed when it's on my belt due to bumping into just the wrong protuding object in everyday life, for instance.

    Is Handspring's clear-front skin case really that functional? I find it hard to think the screen/stylus would be all that usable through a layer of plastic like that. I've also found that plastic faces like that end up getting hazy. Any sense of that on the Handspring case?

    Any other recommendations? Or is the Treo 600 destined to be become a pocket phone that has to be handled gingerly? I'm finding that the dense weight of it coupled with the small size makes me feel at risk of dropping it the first time my guard is down (and I'm not a clumsy person by any stretch).

    I completely don't miss the overall bulk of the Treo 300 due to its flip. On the other hand, I completely miss the safety margin that flip seemed to give me for wearing it on my belt on the Treo 600.

    As much as I like the somewhat glossy, nice looking finish of the Treo 600... I almost want to see one exactly this form factor but with its outer surface as a dense, shock abosrbing rubber like some of the GPS vendors are using. That would leave only the exposed screen as a protective issue.

    Maybe a thin, tight fitting rubber suit for the Treo 600 is in order as a case option. Think about those yellow rubber boots being made for some multimeters, for instance (like Fluke).


    - Aaron
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    Which Body Glove case did you look at?

    I use the BG case made for the Sidekick (AKA Danger Hiptop). Got it from CompUSA for $15.00 or so. It's black neoprene, holds the Treo horizontally, fits well but is not too snug, and is all around a great case. The belt clip is plastic, cups around at the bottom (to ensure that it won't slide up and off a belt), and can detatch from the case when needed (like when going through the airport security metal detector). However, it is very difficult to get it to seperate WITHOUT pressing the release - which is a critical feature to me.

    Here's a picture of the T600 in the case. Hope this helps!

    - Joe
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    The plastic sheet case from Handspring is horrible.

    it gets grimy and foggy and interferes wih certain keyboard functions

    I've been going caseles for a while with the help of a boxwave screen p
    - ag47
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    It's funny you mention the sidekick case. I had that in mind tonight as a possibility when I was looking at cases in local stores. Unfortunately, I could find the Sidekick but not the case.

    And thus begins a related rant...

    Our local Circuit City is our only T-Mobile dealer since T-Mobile just arrived in the area (and has lousy coverage from what I can tell vs. Sprint so far). They sell the Sidekick there... but I never saw a Sidekick case in the store (and I looked at them all extensively tonight).

    This goes hand in hand with my experience that the Best Buy in town that is currently our only source of Treo 600's does not sell a single Treo 600 accessory. No cases, docks, cables, etc. Just the phone... and they barely know a thing about it. I'm used to that, though.

    Our local Sprint store quit selling phones and also just switched to Mon-Fri hours. They have left the sale of hardware to the local BB. The manager of the Sprint store (who is a super nice lady) seemed to indicate the local store can't do a whole heck of a lot beyond accept payments for accounts. Heck, if you have an account issue they can give you a nice place to sit and they hand you a phone that dials the 800 number. Brilliant. Your in-store service is basically the same thing you get by calling from your own living room or *2. They do sell quite a few accessories there... but not a thing for the Treo 600. They were admiring mine since they don't have one in the store themselves.

    My last week surrounding the purchase of this phone has sent me over the edge about this entire industry, I think. It's a freakin' racket and has ZERO logic.

    We have stores selling phones but no related accessories. We have stores selling plans but no knowledge of the product or Sprint. I have a Sprint store that doesn't sell phones but has a whole slew of outdated accessories. I have Sprint PCS CSRs constantly telling me one thing and then doing another... or not getting the same story out of two CSRs in a row.

    I started a few days ago wanting to buy a new Treo 600 to replace the Treo 300 I paid full price for (since BB lied to me and then Sprint screwed me out of two rebates). They refused to give me the "instant" rebate for renewal of my expired, two year old contract because my Treo 300 (for which I got no rebates whatsoever) was less than 18 months old. That forced me into getting a new plan which isn't as good as my old one in order to qualify for the rebate which BB said was in-store but turned out to be a mail-in because our store is (according the regional Sprint rep) "in a Verizon market". Through this discovery the manager of our BB had to stand there and cross out all the "instant rebate" lines on the price cards of the Sprint phones on our display because it amounted to false advertising. Oh, and the "Verizon Market" excuse confuses me. Verizon Wireless does not operate in my area. If you put in my zip code on their website they even say as much. So how is it that affects my ability to get an instant rebate again?

    Due to my previous experience with being told I qualified and then getting hosed on the mail-in for my T3, I'm not holding my breath that I'll get the rebate on this due to some loophole somewhere. I'm leaving out the extensive description of the hell I went through after a CSR told me that the number associated with my T3 on my now-terminating-previous-account could be reassigned to my T600 on my new line of service. That died a fiery death - but only after I got the new line of service and now can't backtrack. It took four calls today to get a CSR that would move my wife's add-a-phone from my old plan to my new one without a number change.

    I'm ranting... and even so, I'm conveying only a small fraction of the Sprint-related grief I've experienced in the last five days.

    Fortunately, I like the Treo 600 a great deal and feel like it is the phone I really wanted when I bought the T300. I'm pleased with the functionality of the phone on the Sprint network (more or less), but am positively hating Sprint as a company right now from all the idiocy, confusion, and inconsitancy.

    You know something is wrong when you dread calling to ask a question or make an adjustment because you are fully prepared for a hassle. You definitely know something is wrong when you feel exhilarated in the one time out of twenty that you engage in such a transaction and it goes smoothly without confusion, a multi-CSR calling session, denied what you were seeking, or charged for something you didn't anticipate.

    And I am still boggled as to why I cannot get anyone there to just move my previous number to my new account. We're in the midst of supposed number portability now where I could move my Sprint number elsewhere and vice-versa... but I cannot get a single person in Sprint to agree to moving a Sprint number within Sprint's own network between two accounts under my own name.

    I do like the Treo 600... but a part of me knows I brought this on myself. I could have stayed with the Treo 300, kept my sweet plan that was no longer bound by a contract, not risked a few hundred dollars hanging in the balance of questionable rebates, and waited until somebody came into my area that can compete with Sprint so I could take my number and run.

    But isn't there something wrong with the "customer experience" when I end up using the phrase "brought this on myself"... for what... wanting to buy a new piece of hardware that will further extend my relationship with a company that has no contractual hold on me? Well, now that's didn't have a hold on me a few days ago. I traded that for a rebate I'm still not certain I'm going to receive.

    And thus endeth another rant...

    - Aaron

    P.S. I find myself almost hanging up when I call Sprint for something and have to listen to Claire say "We're making wireless easy for you". I generally am hearing that in the midst of another call that is already or will soon become anything but easy.
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    I have only seen this case in CompUSA. The only other place I have seen any other Sidekick cases has been at a T-Mobile store, and I didn't care for their case. I've looked at Circuit City, BB, Staples/OfficeMax/OfficeDepot, and none have had any.

    You are right about the accessories... Best places to get accessories at this point is at CompUSA (found some car chargers on closeout!) and online.
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    I've been eyeing this:

    any thoughts?
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    That looks like the case that you get with the Sidekick, which is similar to the case sold at the T-Mobile store. The main difference is that the T-Mo store doesn't sell the all-black version, it has stripes on it that I didn't like. I also was not in love with the magnetic closure, I prefer the velcro of the BG case.
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    Well, one sure-fire way to be sure you won't be getting the lowest price (or even the item itself as a buy-it-now) is to share the link of an eBay you're considering with the community.

    Kidding, of course. That is a decent case... but it looks like it leaves a lot of the phone exposed for scuffing and dinging.

    Which brings us back to the crux of the problem with the T600... covering it all over to prevent damage seems to prevent its use as well. Not covering it all over seems to invite inevitable disaster through scratching and dropping.

    I suppose I need to either render it difficult to use and forever pretty or highly functional and likely scratched and/or smashed sooner rather than later.

    - Aaron
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    Originally posted by amahler
    Well, one sure-fire way to be sure you won't be getting the lowest price (or even the item itself as a buy-it-now) is to share the link of an eBay you're considering with the community.

    - Aaron

    Funny, actually, i was using that as an example because the search was easy. Amazon has them for cheaper.

    It also looks jsut like the pouch type case that covertec is offering for the T600.

    Seems a little overexposed. you're right.

    Finding a case for this device that I actually like has been rather frustrating. I had Nutshell pouches for the past 2 devices, including the Treo 300, and I do not like how they "double-stitched" the T300 case to sell as a T600 case. Its too bulky.

    JoeTampa - I like velcro better too. No hard material = No threat of scratching device.

    A nice leather sleeve similar to the one that comes with the sprint model would be great.

    Thanks for the input guys!
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    Looked at all the options...EB, Vaja, Bellagio, Covertech.

    EB. Used EB cases exclusively for all my past Palm units. I've been very happy with their quality and workmanship. I was leaning toward buying their offering for Treo 600, but decided to look around a bit more given the 2-5 weeks more for actual release. Great to be able to use the camera from within the case, but I wish they designed it so that the lens is protected when not in use.

    Vaja. Current offering looks great. One of the issues I have is that the unit must be slipped out to use the camera. The other being the long wait. I may buy the I-Volution once it comes out just for variety.

    Bellagio. No personal experience with this maker, but the price/quality was appealing. Only con is that the lens is left without protection (same as with EB).

    Covertech. HS case looked like something I would try just for apparent ease of use, but ultimately I wanted more protection so as not to curse myself when I will inevitably drop my Treo on hard surface. Since I use the stylus on the screen a lot, their slip on case was not considered, but I liked their convertable belt clip.

    Piel Frama. Never heard of this company before. Checked their offering and decided to give it a try. It seemed to have all the properties I was looking for and addressed the concerns I had with the other units. Camera lens is covered until you open the flap. Belt clip is a real option ala Covertech's slip on cell phone type case. Their website stated that delivery time will be in 3 days. I will be really impressed if I receive it so quickly.
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    Piel Frama is great. I had the T300 pouch, and wish they made a pouch for the T600. Quality of craftsmanship parallels Vaja.

    Not my thing, but I stumbled on something else here:
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    I'm still waiting for the holster, which is supposed to come out any day now.
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    Originally posted by WFTarHeel
    I'm still waiting for the holster, which is supposed to come out any day now.
    The problem with most kinds of cases or holsters is that you still risk dropping and damaging your Treo anytime that it's not in the case. What good is a protective case, if you drop your Treo while reaching to withdraw it from the case when the phone rings? The Treo is one slippery little sucker.

    I think the better solution is to have a skin-type case such as Felicidade's Groove Jacket which can be seen here for the iPod.

    I like the fact that the translucent case makes it almost invisible. The only problem I'm concerned with is if the skin is too thick for the Treo docking station/cradle. It would be a pain to have to remove the skin everytime you want to put your Treo on the cradle to charge/hotsync. The Groove Jacket is only 1.5mm thick, so that may be thin enough. Those who still need a belt holster would still be able to use it in conjunction with the jacket as long as the case is not too tight or form-fitting.
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    That skin is cool.

    You asked, "what good is a protective case, if you drop your Treo while reaching to withdraw it from the case when the phone rings? " You're right. The holster doesn't provide a lot of protection. I'm not really looking for protection as much as convenience, however. I had the holster for my t300 and for my startacs before that. I guess I just got used to using that. When I was in my car, I'd clip my t300 to the visor and use the bluetooth headset.

    And I would never drop my .... oops... never mind.
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    Still wating for pictures of these actually received cases, especially the vaja .. please when you guys get them, can you post some decent pics?

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    when is the holster for the t600 supposed to be out? who is going to be selling it?
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    Originally posted by karlfranz
    The Groove Jacket is only 1.5mm thick, so that may be thin enough.
    As someone who has tested the .020" thick Egrips with the Treo Desktop Charger, I can assure you that anything that adds 1.5 mm to the T600 will not be able to fit it in the charger at all.

    As it is, the Egrips just *barely* allow you to insert the phone into the cradle.

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    I agree with the "protection" part but I think we go overboard more too often and frankly, a badly bruised or dented Treo 600 (that still works!) is about as ugly as a brand-new Treo that is fully covered with plastic or thick black leather. Reminds me of an expensive Mercedes I saw yesterday where the owner covered all the leather seats with this cheap fur-like fabric, a carpet-type material on top of the dashboard to keep it dust free, and a rubberized floor mat over the factory floor mats!
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    I think the holster is supposed to come out next week:
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    I think this is the other BodyGlove case mentioned.

    I'm using it for now, but will be switching to a real case soon.

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