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    eKennedy -

    Yep... that's the Body Glove I mentioned earlier. It mostly works... but I, too, am using it as a temporary placeholder until something real comes along.

    - Aaron
    Aaron's MAME'd Millipede:
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    My personal favorite that seems to be rarely mentioned on these threads is the Belkin universal case that can be found at your local Wal-Mart. Link to pics below:

    While not perfect, it's good enough for the time being until the perfect one arrives... and it's < $8 to boot.
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    Piel Frama. Never heard of this company before. Checked their offering and decided to give it a try. It seemed to have all the properties I was looking for and addressed the concerns I had with the other units. Camera lens is covered until you open the flap. Belt clip is a real option ala Covertech's slip on cell phone type case. Their website stated that delivery time will be in 3 days. I will be really impressed if I receive it so quickly. [/B][/QUOTE]

    I'm in love with the picture of the pielframa case, and I'm real close to asking for one for xmas. PLEASE post review/pictures as soon as you get it!!!! Oh please!
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