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    My 180 was replaced with the Pocket PC phone for a busted speaker!

    Don't know if it was a mistake or just a "next best thing" replacement to quell my desire to "jump ship" for a carrier that offers the Treo 600.

    I still want a 600, but this might just keep me with TMO until they get their act together.

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    A pocket pc would be of no value to me whatsoever when I have hundreds of dollars tied up in palm os software that won't run on a windows os device. That's the main reason I stick with the Treo series (despite bungled launches) in the first place.
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    Speaker problems for me as well (second time since 12/18/02... so I guess that's not too bad considering some have had 5 and 6 replacements).

    My replacement 180 should arrive in a day or two (ordered on Friday). I was never told that a "comparable" device will ship. Curious to see what I find in the mail. I asked for a 270 and the tech just gave a short chuckle..

    You gotta ask! Can't wait for T-Mobile to offer the 600... very frustrated with the hinge on the 180.
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    If they send you the PPCPE, you'll need the appropriate accessories.

    I got a great deal here:

    Quick shipping.

    Good luck!
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    Oh well. so much for suprises. looks like I'll be working on my 3rd Treo within a year's time. I was really hoping for another device (270) b/c typing on the thumbboard in the dark is quite a challenge.

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