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    Sorry for the caps - but this has gone on far too long

    I FINALLY Get the phone (Sprint Version) after a month waiting and I can't activate the thing for over a week.Someone help

    I call Sprint...they have NO record of my ESN #. I've called Handspring DAILY! Each time, either Sales and/or Customer Service tells me something different. Once they said - they will call/email Sprint now - try activating in 4 hrs. I call Sprint that deal.

    Once - Handspring tells me I have to return the Phone (even though it works perfectly well) and will have to wait 3 - 4 weeks till another one gets sent out.

    Sprint - I've called many times; I've gone to the stores around my area. They can't do anything w/o that ESN #!!!! They would exchange it - IF THEY had any in stock....which they don't and won't for a month.

    Sometimes, I call Handspring and they tell me that they will notify someone in another department to email someone at Sprint! WHAT KIND OF WAY IS THIS TO DO BUSINESS!

    Why do I have to go through this just to activate a cell phone???
    I'm in hell

    Someone help. Very frustrated.

    PS - thanks for listening!
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    Damned that sucks. I suggest you keep calling Handspring to resolve this issue. Keep us update to date on what finally happens. Good luck!
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