First of all, I really appreciate this discussion board!
Everyone's information (agreeable and argumentative) has helped me with my decisions and frustration. Like many of you I've been w/ T-mobile since they were PowerTel. I too find it unacceptable for ANY company to handle it's customer base w/ silent treatment instead of explanation (at least a feeble attempt people!). After reading through many of the discussion board comments I called T-Mobile Customer Care back AGAIN to get answers to some specific questions.... (If you don't want to read all this stuff, AT LEAST SCROLL TO THE END PART ABOUT WHERE TO SEND YOUR LETTERS OF COMPLAINT TO T-MOBILE. BE HEARD!!!)

Spoke 1st to: Sean (w/ marketing dept. because I was about to
cancel my service w/ T-mobile completely).
Spoke 2nd to Tech. Sales Manager: Dennis (Rep#0955155)

>>QUESTION1: Will I still be eligible for the upgrade program discount if I purchase an unlocked Treo 600 (From HandSpring, Amazon, or another non-locked carrier) before T-Mobile has launched it?
>>AnsWER1: If T-Mobile ever does launch the Treo 600, they will allow qualifying customers to get the upgrade discount applied to their account. Customer must show proof of purchase for T-Mobile to honor. For example, Dennis(Rep#0955155) said I qualified for a $130 discount off going retail price. He looked up PalmOne's price and quoted current rate of $449.00 (Upgrade discounts vary depending on time as T-Mobile customer). They offered a $50 discount to me (now) that would be applied to my account if I purchased the phone from another vendor before the product launch (NOTE:they will probably deduct that $50 from your upgrade discount later. Manager said they won't give
both discounts)
***NOTE: Manager refused to verify a launch date or guarentee that there would be a launch. He just said that lauch was "highly likely" because T-mobile was already taking support calls in their database) So if they never carry the phone, of course no upgrade discount.

>>QUESTION2: If I purchase the phone outside T-mobile, will I be able to post-insure the phone after (if ever) the Treo 600 launch is effective? (I was referring to the $3.99/month insurance plan that covers loss/theft/or physical damage)
>>ANSWER2: (Vague) Dennis responded Yes, but was unsure as to the details of the coverage plan (He said I would need to contact Assurion, the insurance provider to find solid answers to fine print questions.

Assurion can be reached @ 1-888-805-3366)

- Questions I have to Assurion about insurance clauses...
> Is there a time limit on how long you are eligible to get "post"insured if you bought your phone from another carrier (say, you bought the phone from HandSpring today, but T-Mobile does'nt launch until next March 2004? Will they deny you the opportunity to get insured because you've exceeded some bogus date?)
> Does the 3.99/mo. insurance cover hardware & software failures?


(PLEASE SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS HERE AS WELL!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT WE VENT TO EACH OTHER IF THE WE DON'T COMPLAIN TO THE COMPANY WE HAVE ISSUE WITH!!! I asked the manager if he was aware of the growing list of customer complaints on message boards all over the net, and he flatly responded "NO".)


P.O. BOX 37380
Albuquerque,New Mexico 87176-7380

-- OR FAX LETTERS TO: (505) 998-3775


*** I hope this info helps you as you have helped me!

-- peace