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    Has anyone successfully synch'ed email from Entourage or another Mac desktop app with the Treo 600 (Palm Ver 5.X)?

    I've tried Queuesync but it seems to hang on the email. Also tried Mail joy.

    Has anyone been successful?
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    Yes; I have successfully synced thru Entourage to my Treo 600. I would suggest you do the following:
    Use find to locate all references to "Palm" and throw them in the trash.
    Reinstall the Palm program from the Treo CD that came with your Treo 600.
    Go to your original install disk for "Entourage" and find "Handheld Sync Installer and install it.
    Start the HotSync Manager that was installed with the Palm install.
    Make certain the USB box is on under Connection settings
    You should then be able to plug in the sync cable and your Treo, hit the sync button and sync away.
    Good luck
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    Thanks. Have you actually synched your email this way?

    The Entourage HotSync package that I have does not include email sync. That was released later and will not work on my Treo 600.
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    I think you can download the ap from the Microsoft web site, if not, once you get the Treo to sync calendar, etc, you can use a product called Mail Courier from Ligature Technologies. I think it is $10 or so. Since I had that already installed, I had forgotten about it and that may be the difference we are seeing here.
    If any more questions, feel free to post.
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    Originally posted by rluci
    Thanks. Have you actually synched your email this way?

    The Entourage HotSync package that I have does not include email sync. That was released later and will not work on my Treo 600.

    I don't htink Entourage will sync the mail w/out third party apps as it was described above. I have been using Entourage for over 1 year now, and I know it doesn't sync the mail "out of the box". Let me know if you find out smthing different!
    May the G4ce be with you
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    like I said, you probably need the product called Mail Courier from Ligature Tech. I have all my email, calendar, etc from Entourage synced on a regular basis. However, you will need to have the latest version of Handheld Sync installed after you install the Palm ap. You can get Handheld sync from the Microsoft web site.
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    I've tried Mail Courier from Ligature. No dice.

    Are you confirming that you do sync your Entourage Email with the Treo 600? In and Out boxes? Trashes?

    Thanks again-
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    I tried Mail Courier. It just crshed my Treo during syncs. If anyone finds a solution......
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    Just to check out the differences, I uninstalled Mail Courier (had previously had it installed for my Clie) and reinstalled. Now I have the same problem in that it hangs during sync. Should have left it alone. Will try some other configurations. I have just upgraded to Panther...will go back to Jaguar and check it out. Will keep you posted
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    Thanks much TR.

    Working on Mac Eudora/Eudora Palm and Quesoft's Eudora Beta Conduit now. Able to sync the In Box but, when trying to open it, Treo crashes and resets.

    Will try same conduit with Versamail.
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    Before I ripped Panther off my Titanium 1GHz laptop to reinstall my older Jaguar, I uninstalled the Microsoft handheld sync. I then went to their website (actually Version Tracker did) and downloaded their latest version 10.1.4. I then installed that version. I did not do a sync at this time. I then went to Mail Courier by Ligature (also thru Version Tracker) and downloaded version 1.1.
    I did not restart my computer, I just did a sync from my sync cable going to the Treo 600. It took quite a while...maybe 3-5 minutes. After that time, it came back and said the sync was complete with no errors. I looked at the app page on the Treo, opened Ligature mail and there was my email from Entourage. I also went to my Treo mail ap and checked to make certain everything was fine there. I still had access to my corporate email as well as my yahoo account.
    Therefore I guess i am up and running with the following config;
    panther version 10.3.1
    Titanium 1Ghz, 1Gb Ram
    Entourage version 10.1.4, Service Release 1
    Microsoft Handheld Sync for Entourage v10.1.4
    Mail Courier v1.1
    Tons of other apps

    I have resynced several times and the sync times are just a few seconds now. I guess the initial sync was longer to set up and install on the handheld.
    Anyway; I am back to a working system!!!
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    therufus, what e-mail app do you use on your Treo 600? I'm wondering what my choices might be on the Treo if I switch to a Mac environment, which I am currently considering.
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    I use whatever the Treo 600 uses. I have not added any new apps, etc other than ringtone. The Treo has the capability of POP which is what is used for Yahoo and what I use for my corporate email. It is great...! I get notified when I have an incoming email from any of my email accounts.
    However, in answer to your question regarding various email apps; you may want to go to Version Tracker and do a search for Mac OS X. I am certain there are also many individuals on this forum that have a better idea on this than I do.
    good luck
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    Thanks much for putting in the time. I'm on the road and mostly "dark" thru Thursday. Will try this ASAP.
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    I expect to get my treo 600 by this Wednesday and I currently run Entourage on the Jaguar operating system. If I get this Mail Courier app, can I still add a mail app like Snappermail? Or should I not even get snappermail? Also, if any of you Mac users are currently using Documents to Go 6 with your Treo 600 let me know how it is and if it's worth it or if there are better alternatives...thanks.

    Work hard!
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    I'm guessing that mail courier app won't work with "," the one that comes with Mac OS X?

    This is what I use right now. I'd like to see a plug-in for iSync. I don't really have the need for entourage.

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