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    I read this on the NoviiRemote homepage:

    "The infrared port of some devices, such as Handspring Treo, is slightly underpowered, and effective range may be 1-3 meters. However, for most devices the range is 5-15 meters."

    Can anyone confirm or disprove that the IR port of the Treo 600 is not as powerful as Palm units' IR ports?

    I'm looking for a good tv/stereo remote application, so far I've found OmniRemote and Noviiremote.

    Another (strange) quote from the NoviiRemote homepage:

    "NoviiRemote works well on the most of Handspring handhelds, including smartphones (with the phone turned off)."

    What is this??? Is there some sort of conflict between the IR port and the phone?

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    I haven't gotten NoviiRemote to work on the Treo 600 whether the phone is turned off or on. Always get a warning when I start it saying that it's incompatible with the IR port. I'm hoping it gets updated to work with the T600 soon.
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    this is currently being discussed in another thread.

    Excuse me for not searching the complete treocentral site before posting!

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    I dont get an error message when using the Noviiremote or Omni, it just resets my unit. Anyone else get resets or am I the only one? Ive got rev. C btw.

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