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    I dropped my phone today and must have dislodged the larger of the two pieces of rubber below the antenna in the back of the phone (see photo). It is gone.

    Where in the world do I get a replacement piece?

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    The photo of the back of the phone.
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    Good question,

    I sat my treo down on the coffee table with a little bit of a bump and when i picked it up I noticed the same rubber plug laying on the table. I pushed it back in, it hasn't budged since but I am keeping an eye on it.
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    My Treo 600 arrived without the rubber piece. I called HS customer care...they are supposed to send me a new piece. Fedex opened my Treo either fell out then, or it was never there...a piece of scotch tape works well
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    Same here. When I first got my 600 I had somehow brushed the small rubber plug off and found it on the table. I'm wondering about putting a little glue on the sides of these holes and before putting the plugs back in. Maybe just a little dab will save a lot of grief and a "shipping charge" for a replacement. Glad you brought it to my attention again.
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    Mine fell out the first week I had my phone in October. At the time, HS didn't have replacement parts and I nagged until they agreed to replace the phone. I also had the rattle which probably would have done the trick but didn't realize what it was. Definitely not the button rattle. Anyway, the 2nd phone seems to have a more secure rubber covering, but I'm not going to leave it to chance. I've gotten some eGrips, and I've just ordered a set of their generic black grips. I plan to cut a custom piece which will cover and secure the rubber piece before it goes missing again.
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    Just adding my experience:
    My 600 fell out of my pocket at a friends house.
    When I came home I noticed the rubber piece in question was missing. Luckily my friend found it and it's now back in place.

    So keep an eye on it!

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    I also had the same problem. Handspring told me it was a factory issue and I bugged them for a new set. I have noticed though that (this is no joke)when I close the door of a car (if the windows are all up) it disconnects the phone. This happens all the time in different cars. It happens whether the screen is covered or not. I am sure this is related to the plug. Anyone else having this issue. try it out.
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    Mine has fallen out a few times. The little rubber piece right above the big one has also fallen out.

    Fix: rub a glue stick on the sides of the rubber piece (ie where the rubber makes contact)

    If you ever need to get it off, gently run the tip of an exacto knife around the perimeter and pry it off.

    Works for me...
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    Just called HS support.

    -> They're shipping one out to me at no cost once their next shipment comes in (they've been on backorder for 2 months !).
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    Drop mine today , what saved my t6 from loosing the rubber plug was the Covertec leather cover, kind of pissed though, due to another thread that mentioned this same problem and H/P not having plugs, I bought 2 more t6 just to have the plugs as replcement but the leather cover avoid's the t6 from loosing the plug, darn I am going to sell the other 2 t6.

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