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    In other words, would it be possible to make this work with the T180/270/300 in order to map a long-press of the menu key to Launcher? (any other key will do as well...) It would be great to be able to use only 1 key to access the launcher, instead of having to press Option+:menu: or losing 1 app button on it.

    Any thoughts?

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    I loaded Treo Butler last night and it worked great! This morning I tried to use DIR ASST and it cause my Treo to reset. I deleted Treo Butler and DIR ASST worked fine. Can someone else check this conflict? I use DIR ASST alot. If this can't be fixed, I'll have to pass on Treo Butler
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    I installed treobutler last week, and Dir Asst yesterday, and both are working fine. Maybe you need to install them in that order?
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