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    I know software apps has been discussed and several threads show peoples installed software and what they like but I was wondering what people are using that are MUST HAVES but which ones are FREE and then which ones you need to PAY for.

    I'm a new Palm user using a TREO 600 on the Sprint network (new to that network too as I jumped off of T-Mob...).

    So, what are must haves for FREE:


    What are must haves for PAID software:

    So far, I bought SnapperMail but didn't know what other options are out there.

    For SnapperMail, it seems ok but I don't think I've figured it all out ...

    If these questions beat you down, sorry - I'm just new to this platform and trying to figure out where to spend money and not spend money!!

    So, my next purchases might be:
    Treo600SMS and VeriChat ...

    but I haven't committed to those yet but first will be the SMS b/c it doesn't work on my Sprint T600.

    Thanks for any help/guidance! -ot
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    Here is my list with an astrisk in front of all the MUST haves. Some I paid for, and some are free. I didn't have time to look up that info for you, but I'm sure you'll find this out as you search for downloads.

    Treo 600 Software
    *LauncherX v1.0.2
    *Bob's Alarm
    Palm Reader
    *PDA SafeID (or SplashID)
    TAKEphONE 5.05
    *BackupBuddy and BackupBuddyVFS
    *Pocket Tunes Deluxe v2.1
    *Directory Assistant v2.01
    MinutesPLUS 1.03
    PDANet for Treo 600 v2.51
    ScreenShot v2.1
    *Uninstall Manager v2.46
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    thanks norpah, I'll check those out ...
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    Does Treo Tools work on the Treo 600?
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    You need the new version for the Treo 600. Here is the link
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    Originally posted by norpah
    You need the new version for the Treo 600. Here is the link
    Thanks, i am installing it now
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    Originally posted by norpah
    *LauncherX v1.0.2
    Norpah - does this version work with Treo 600 then? On their site, they say they are working on it but that version you stated above is working for you - correct?

    Thanks. -ot
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    The 5-way nav doesn't work yet, but I really like LauncherX's SD Card Management feature so I am willing to live with it until the upgrade is available.

    LauncherX makes it so easy to move files and apps to the SD Card
    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS

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