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    I just read something about a SAR level of 1.49 for the Treo 600 and some headache prb !!!

    Just for your info the SAR level for the GSM/GPRS version is 0.564 W/Kg with GSM 900 and for the GSM 1800 the SAR level is 0.852 W/Kg

    Here is the link which proves what I just said (thanks caslis for the pic) :

    The Treo 600 is very low in term SAR please see the table :

    So if you have some headache prb maybe it is related to one of your older phone. It is a fact than the old analog phone were very dangerous for the health.

    From my personal point of view the Treo 600 is a very safe phone especialy in term of SAR.

    I hope it can help...

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    (towards the end/index p.150)

    Maximum Measured SAR Values (W/kg)
    Band: 850 MHz 900 MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz
    Head SAR: 1.49 1.07 1.53 1.05
    Body SAR: .646 .703 .402 .336

    these numbers are higher than what you posted...
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    the high radiation worries are only for the CDMA treo.... thats part of the reason for the bulge...
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    i use my sprint treo pretty heavily. does this mean sprint users are in trouble? do you think this bulge adequately protects us from the high radiation levels?

    this is starting to concern me. i appreciate any responses.
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    Very strange, indeed. I have also been getting mild headaches on the side I am using my Sprint Treo 600 since I got it. This never happened to me before with other cell phones. I try to avoid holding it up to my head and insist on using a headset.

    I do know that the GSM values are much lower than the CDMA values...

    1.05 - 1.53 W/Kg (head), .336 - .703 W/Kg for the CDMA (Sprint)

    I confirmed this on the fcc website: d='O8FBW'

    One very interesting thing is that adding 15 degrees of tilt (presumably pulling the antenna away from your temple/face) decreases these numbers impressively. So, it is indeed possible that the bulge was placed there to give a bit more space between you and the antenna...

    Overall, these are some HIGH numbers, nearing the limit of 1.6 by the FCC. It's no wonder that if folks really are sensitive to this stuff that the CDMA (Sprint) Treo would set them off. Hmmm...
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    There are some who claim standard headsets actually intensify RF into your head as the phone ends up using it unintentionally as another antenna. ( They suggest an "air tube" headset.

    Sounds convincing - then again, they're selling airtube headsets.

    I'll try to find the actual link (It looks like their site has actually been hijacked at the moment by "Liberty Unites" so I was unable to find it.

    I still use my corded headset - and have far fewer head aches than when I was just using the phone solo.
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    constant breakdowns and replacements give me a headache!
    Banoo... what's that smell?
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    I'm not sure how much I trust SARS ratings. CDMA phones put out just a fraction of the power that GSM phones do, so I'm not sure how they can rate higher in SARS levels.
    I think most GSM phones put out around 1 Watt of power, whereas CDMA phones (which are constantly adjusting their power to achieve the lowest output necessary to maintain a connection) put out a MAXIMUM of only 200 milliWatts.

    Just food for thought.

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