Whenever I'm in a weak or spotty Sprint coverage area, such as different parts of my house, 2 service alert sounds are made, followed by the Treo coming on by itself. I can go to the "Sound Preferences" and select "Tones", and turn off the "Service Tone" sound. However, the Treo will still turn on when it loses signal or it is weak.

Obviously this repeated turning on and off (even when it shuts off automatically when set for 30 seconds) can cause some drain on the battery. If Keyguard is on, it won't shut off in 5 seconds or so like normal when the unit is turned on, but waits the 30 seconds I've set before shutting off. I know that other phones have some type of feature that will conserve power in a no service area by going into a standby mode, but Handspring has never addressed this issue with their Treos. The Digital Link had this feature, and probably the VisorPhone, too.

Does anyone know of any 3rd party program that corrects this issue or finds a way to work around it ? Thanks