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    Can those who have recently taken advantage of the Amazon Sprint promotion please post their experience?

    I'm interested in the time between

    a) order date
    b) ship date
    c) receive date
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    I ordered it from amazon on sunday night, it shipped out monday afternoon and I received it wednesday morning. All in all I was happy with the service considering that the date they said it was going to get there it got there
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    I ordered mine on Fri 11/28 and will be receiving mine Dec 26 to Jan 9 with overnight shipping.

    But, since you're considering Amazon's T600 from Sprint... I had some questions regarding the rebates. I'll reprint a post I made on a different thread:


    I just ordered the T600 from Amazon and printed the two sets of rebate coupons ($150 Sprint & $200 Amazon) from the Amazon site. Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but the small print on the Sprint rebate requires the "original certificate" (i.e. rebate coupon) and further states "NO PHOTOCOPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED".

    Will printouts of the certificate from Amazon's site qualify as "original"?

    Also, the Amazon rebate coupon states that a 1st month
    Sprint bill must be submitted with their coupon by 1/30/2004. If the Treo 600's won't even arrive until 1/14/2004, there's really not much of a chance that anybody will be able to submit the Amazon rebate with the 1st month's bill.

    Anybody have any experience with Amazon and Sprint regarding these circumstances?

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    Originally posted by stillaresident
    Will printouts of the certificate from Amazon's site qualify as "original"?
    I ordered my Treo300 from Amazon and a printout of the Amazon Sprint Rebate sent to Sprint was fine. Not sure regarding the bill date, they usually take those things literally, so you might be out of luck there? Then again, they may come out with new terms soon -- I would contact Amazon to see what they say, they prob have a special contact link for their mobile phone stuff.

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    ordered 11.24. shipped 11.26. received 11.28. my first sprint bill is due at the end of Dec, so everything looks good!

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