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    Dear all,

    I just upgrade my treo 270 from non-GPRS to GPRS 1.1.2 about 2 weeks ago. And I found a serious problem for me.

    After upgrade, there always a file named "HSTraceDatabase3" (creator ID : HsT2) in the RAM and take approx. 1KB (84 bytes actually). And everytime I sync. the treo with my laptop, the process will be terminated while trying to sync. this file. The message in log is : "System synchronization failed
    Protocol Error: Handheld file could not be opened. (4004)".

    I have checked this file by Palm!Insider and found it has a "Backup" attribute been set. And because the file always been opened, I can not change its attribute or delete this file from the RAM.

    I can only delete this file by taking a warm (not soft) reset first. But this file will be cerated and kept open again very soon. So I still can not fully sync. my treo.

    Any of you have this problem too? Or can you help me to solve this problem?

    Thank you.
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    Check out the following thread this might help you:
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    Check out the following thread this might help you:
    Thank you for your reply which let me know that I am not alone.
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    I have solved this problem. Thank you millerhifi.

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