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    The Treo 600 just released in Australia and I bought one today. Can anyone tell me how pitfalls or general issues about transferring all applications on my 270 to the 600. Do I just do a full reset via Hotsync onto the 600 and all is AOK ?

    Any advice re the changeover would be appreciated. Thanks, Perth, Western Australia
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    from what a read on this board, it is best to install all apps one by one instead of upgrading.

    i haven't got mine yet, but I plan to rename the backup folder under my sync name. I hope this keep my palm app data.
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    I transferred from the 270 to the 600 without installing the programs individually. I did this. First, I removed everything from the 270 that wasn't suitable for OS5, by looking up all my programs on Palmgear (e.g. switcheroo). Then I followed the instructions. This worked fine!

    There were two easily fixed problems. Filez didn't work, but I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it was fine. I forgot to add the program for snappermail that let one use the SD card, since one doesn't need it on the 270, but it was easily added.

    There is some possibility of old preferences and other junk left from earlier uninstalls, which would be cured by starting from scratch. But everything worked very easy for me and I was up and running in 30 minutes. Voila!
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    Originally posted by Consul
    Any advice re the changeover would be appreciated. Thanks, Perth, Western Australia
    The most sage advice seems to be to rename the backup folder and reinstall your apps one by one. However I intend to first try to hotsync without making any changes to see if there are any problems, then if there are I will hard reset and take the time to reinstall applications one by one.

    Congrats. on receiving your GSM treo in Perth, I live in the state of Colorado in the US and I'm still waiting for mine. I just hope, no pray that I receive mine before that guy in Hongkeng village, in China that ordered yesterday. He is rumored to be the last living being on the planet that wants a Treo 600 but has not received it.

    I usually get off to a quick start but finish ugly, so in the end it will probably be the Hongkeng guy by a nose
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