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    I tried to do a search for this topic and apparently can't find any.

    What I want to do is to be able to connect the treo via USB hotsync cable to the PC and using the PC broadband connection to surf the web/read emails. Primary reason is to test out things without incurring GPRS charges. Can I do this with or without 3rd party software?

    Thanks for the advise.
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    i don't know of a way to do it.

    but as a workaround, you can download the Palm OS Simulator for your PC. basically, it's a windows program that runs the Palm OS. You can load up all the same apps onto it and it will use your PC's internet connection as the default.
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    i did a search on the web...seems like there was once MochaPPP (on the PC) that could do this for the palm and PC with internet connection. But it does not support USB connection which the treo600 is using...only serial.

    Thanks tushar78 for your suggestion
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    Well, I know the above is possible with sme phones with bluetooth - see the guides from this site - but as no BT yet as waiting for the drivers, I wodner if the instructions can be converted to work via USB connections

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    I had the same question a while ago, see :

    There are some answers there. Basically ppp seems to be the best workaround - but I'm not sure if you can use this with Windows or you need Linux (I think I know how to do it on Linux, have to get the Treo to try it ).
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    you're right...
    This is what I'm looking for but it is 3rd party and unfortunately it supports MacOS only.

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