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    what are the levels produced from the sprint cdma model treo 600?

    I've had no such problems with
    my treo 600 as far as headaches go.
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    We can't ALL be imagining this. I'm going to look into the Seidio stereo headset, and even GSM, if the problem persists. Let us know how it turns out, John (if you don't mind, of course).
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    Originally posted by skfny
    We can't ALL be imagining this.
    It's not ALL of us. It's a few people on a message board out of thousands of Treo 600 owners that are complaining about a problem that could have many different causes. Everything to posture/positioning to having your volume turned up too high.

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    Maybe I'm speaking out of turn, since I don't have a Treo 600 yet, but I recall similar talk like this when the Treo 300 came out. I've never had an issue with my Treo 300 in this regard, although there were these same fears and talk back then. I'm not expecting to have any problems after I get a Treo 600 either.

    But I do agree with holding the phone away from your head a little. Otherwise your screen might get greasy .
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    Whoa. This is freaky. Exactly the second day I got my Treo 600, I began getting headaches around my right temple. It phreaked me out a bit, since I remembered reading how the 3G phones caused nausea in some people (also, apparently, making them smarter in testing).

    The thing is, I don't always have the wireless on. I notice a barely audible hum from the machine/screen, and wonder if that could be part of it.

    Lately, I've noticed it less. As well, I've been under less stress, so I certainly accept that as the cure. I'm a physician, and well aware of the multitude of possibilities.
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    A great resource for radiation and cell phones is:

    Do I believe what I read there? Yes - for the most part
    Do I still use my T600 1,000+ minutes a month? Yes
    Am I a fool? Maybe

    I do try to use a headset - even though some claim this just intensifies the radiation into your head. It seems to reduce the headaches.

    I also use my phone in my car a lot which is supposedly a double whammy - since our window tinting supposedly creates a microwave effect in the interior of our cars.

    What the folks at recommend is using your phone with a headset and an external car antenna. Handspring offers an awesome version of this very things - but it's only available for GSM users right now - Sprint and Verizon users have to wait until April.

    I'm ordering one of these conversion kits as soon as it's availalble - it will at least reduce my fears that I'm cultivating tumors in my head!

    In the end, I hope all this concern is wasted energy - but until we know that to be the case, I think it only makes sense to play it as safe as possible...

    Those are my two cents. I'm sure there are plenty out there who think I'm crazy but hay - two cents is two cents!

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    Meter to measure radiation from the phone at

    We sell by the way some 6,000 meters a year.

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    To the gentleman many messages back in this thread whose doctor was mystified by his upper-thigh pain: tell im to look up "meralgia paresthetica". It's technically a mononeuropathy of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Keeping a bunch of keys in your pocket can certainly trigger this condition. If it's persisting after they are removed, your doc should rule out diabetes. Also helpful: lose weight, don't sleep in fetal position, and avoid tight pants. No kidding: it's a real condition. The good news is that it's just annoying, not dangerous.

    Here's an irony for those who are keeping their Treos away from their heads in fear of radiation: This condition could also be triggered by having a cell phone on the belt, constantly slapping against the thigh while using a headset.

    Radiation effects from these tiny transmitters, if they are real, would not show up for years. I tend to agree with those who suggest that the reported headaches and other pains are mechanical, i.e., the result of keeping the neck in an awkward position or pressing the phone hard against the ear. There's also a really strong mind-body connection when it comes to headaches. In other words, thinking about this may well make it worse!
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    radiation bombarding your brain or family jewels? Dang, mine's in my pant's pocket 90% of the time. Do i need to buy a purse?
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    For a 50 page article on non-ionizing radiation that I wrote which was published in Medical Electronics and in the Journal of Electromedicine see the free eBook at

    For a meter to measure your cell's output see
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    This is the best chart to find the cell phone radiation of your cell phone or mobile phone.

    The treo 600 sar is 1.49
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    are these people creating concern to sell their product, or is there a legitimate concern?

    id buy one of these sar shields, but part of me wonders if they are simply bogus?

    does anybody else own a sars shield?
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    Ultimately, you're not going to find any solid proof one way or the other on the effects of cell phone usage -- not from a reputable source, that is. Some things to keep in mind:

    1) If a website is selling you "the cure" to health hazards, it's probably BS. It's not enough to say "research has shown..." -- specific studies need to be quoted, with links to those sources.

    2) It's not in the cell phone companies best interests to cover up health hazards if they know about them -- the ensuing legal costs would put them out of business.

    3) If cell phones cause cancer, at least you'll be in good company.
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    good point... thanks
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    Originally posted by johnbdh
    This is not meant to alarm anyone or start any false rumors, but I am wondering if anyone out there using the 600 is experiencing any headaches.

    I have had my 600 for about a month or so and about a week ago I started having a strange headache in my right temple. It only really hurts to the touch. At first I thought it was related to a tooth, but no longer think so. It is constantly there.

    This morning after talking for a while on my 600, I noticed that it was a bit more sensitive to the touch and then noticed that when using the phone in my right hand the antenna was pressed right up against the area that is hurting. I am sure this is coincidence, but I thought I would ask to see if anyone else might be experiencing anything similar. You never know.

    Yes, I do plan to see a doctor. I am away from home for Thanksgiving and will go see a doctor and/or dentist when I get back.

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