Treo causing palmOne head ache
By: Jørgen Sundgot, Thursday 27th November 2003, 09:18 GMT

According to an article published recently by Swedish magazine Mobil, palmOne is these days facing a slight obstacle towards the introduction of its Treo 600 WAN handheld in Sweden and Denmark. Apparently, Pfizer - a company developing and marketing prescription medicine - has trademarked the Treo name for the company's head ache remedies, and palmOne is currently investigating whether it will be possible to bring the Treo 600 to market using its given name.

Should palmOne be unable to do so, the company said it would investigate whether it would be possible to alter the naming of the device for these specific markets, however the article also quotes palmOne as saying that the company will not do so at any cost - possibly leading to the Treo 600 not being introduced to these markets at all.