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    my order status is Credit Card Approved now,but i find that they will check the carrier? i upgrade and order treo 600 at $399 and choose keep my cingular plan. but in fact I am not a cingular user before. will i faied?

    Carrier Credit Check
    The mobile phone service provider is performing a credit check on your account.
    Carrier Credit Check Failed
    Your account was not approved by the mobile phone service provider due to a failed credit check. Please contact Handspring customer care if you need further information.
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    If you are asking a question "will you fail the check" the answer is no - if you did not choose a plan they do not contact the carrier.

    If you are saying you "did" fail the carrier check, then, I'm not sure why they even put you through to a carrier if you were getting an "upgrade phone".

    The information on the web page shows all of the "available" steps the process might go through - not every order goes through all of those steps.


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