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    Thought I'd pass along a deal I took advantage of recently, for a FIC 6-in-1 flash card reader from Global Computer which is $19.95 with a $19.95 rebate (you still pay shipping). I got the unit and it works great. Instead of taking 5 minutes per MP3 using HotSync, it takes about 10 seconds over USB 1.0 (the reader is apparently USB 2.0 compliant). It comes with the USB cable and a driver disc, but for me it is Mac OS X native (plug and play). I just click and drag files to the 'disk' on my desktop, and they get copied.

    Here is the link:

    6-in-1 card reader
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    Where's the rebate info?
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    Middle of the page, below the picture and the word Summary, look for a small link in blue.
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    Thanks! Now I have to find something else for hubby to buy me for Christmas......
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    Note: Rebate program ends on 12/31/03.
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    Well, mine arrived yesterday. Put some files on my ultra II SD card. Put in Treo. Treo can no longer read, by CardInfo shows it has directories and that 69MB is free, but the app hangs. Attempts to put it back in the reader make it react as if nothing got inserted even though the green light indicates the card has been inserted. I am hoping to get the data off this card. so did the card reader hose it? Is the card itself the problem? What a nightmare!
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    I got my card reader the day before I (finally) got my 600. No probs here. Works like a charm for m-3's.
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    Got mine over the weekend and immediately plugged in my Treo's SD, my camera's CF, and my MP3-players' SM cards. All loaded up fine.

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