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    Many of us who ordered the Cingular T600 recently saw our status change to "awaiting shipment." There seems to be some disagreement though over how long it will be before we actually have the phone in our hands.

    Can the people who have actually received T600s via Handspring/PalmOne provide any insight into how long we can expect to wait?
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    My status has been awaiting shipment since Monday night. This is even worse than seeing Order received.
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    Ditto for me I was hoping to have the Treo by today, Friday, since the status changed from order received to awaiting shipment and as of today no treo yet. I even emailed Handspring an email complaining.
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    Awaiting shipment seems to take about two days of time. Not sure if it is business days only, since they were business days for the two orders I watched.
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    I checked my status today and saw that even though the overall status on my order was "Awaiting Shipment" that the order line details had all changed to "Approving Credit card" again.

    It went awy after an hour or so and came back again later. So obviously there is something happenning to affect this.

    I also called HS to see if I could glean some details and its obvious the front line people know NOTHING and are being kept in the dark deliberately - probably for their own protection.

    You say you have been watching some orders rhong - does this mean you KNOW and have seen that orders ship after 2 days of awaiting shipment status???
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    Well, I think mine changed to "Awaiting Shipment" on Tuesday. This morning I received an email at 5:00 a.m. that said my Treo had been shipped. Looked at the tracking info at FedEx and it had been shipped from Utah yesterday and is already in Denver this a.m. (I'm just south of Denver). So, unless FedEx has already gotten into their deliver on Saturdays because of the holiday rush mode, I should have a Treo on Monday. This one was ordered November 12 - the November 20 order still shows "Awaiting Shipment".

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    I have been on awaiting shipment since Thursday evening...I went through 2 steps on Thanksgivng day, from ORder Received to Credit Card Approved to Awaiting. I sure hope I get it soon.

    I saw the CDMA version in the grocery store today, man that keyboard is small
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    I ordered my Sprint Treo 600 from Handspring via the upgrade offer (using it now). I also helped a friend monitor his upgrade order from HS. Both of those stayed in 2 days worth of Awaiting Shipment. It will not change to shipped until even a couple of hours after FedEx already has it. HS may batch process order updates.
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    4 days from "awaiting shipment" to "shipped"
    No good deed goes unpunished
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    business days or weekend included?
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    Had awaiting shipment since last Tuesday. Hopefully, things will be moved along this week. Has anyone received a shipment from the AT&T intro through handspring?


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