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    I order a T600 on Oct 23, then a week and a half later handspring cancels my order becasue I do not include my full zip code(XXXXX-XXXX) and I am sent to the bottom of the list. 4 days later I check up on my new order to check and make sure tha that everthing was correct in my billing...again somehow the last four digits were changed in my extened zip code(on handsprings computers), so they did a reorder and put me on the bottom of the list again! I rencetly checked my order, which had the wrong exteneded zip code again!(the reason I had never been able to get my original order) I change my credit card info online to accommodate. FINALLY(over five weeks) I am at Awaiting Shipment status....any one have a similar experience ?
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    Knowing how finicky Handsprings order system is, I decided to not take my chances on the web and simply called my order in.

    Even the sales rep I spoke with had issues getting the card to go through at first but worked with me to get it processed just as I'd hoped.

    After that, it was smooth sailing and even I got my phone before they told me I would.

    Moral: Humans still rule.

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