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    I just discovered this trick, not sure if everyone else knows this or not but if it is already known, oh well.

    I was chatting with WeeBitObsessed today and I lamented that I often use Pocket Tunes in the background, and I need a simple way to pause it, turn the volume down, etc. whithout leaving the app I am in.

    He mentioned that you can set pTunes to popup in a mimimum window (1/5 the screen) on a hard button press (customized).

    I have further discovered that you can assign this hard button to a program WITHOUT changing the quicklaunch keystroke for that button, AND if you want the minimum-window pockettunes to close, just hit spacebar.

    Reading over this post, I admit this may not seem clear. Try it.

    Go to PTunes- select Menu, then B, now "Bring up console" assign it to your SMS button (even if you reassigned that button) Now go to calendar, then try the hard button assigned to the envelope while music is playing. To kill the mini- window hit spacebar.

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    I followed your guide, however, when i press the Hard Button when I was in Calendar and while the PTune is running at background, it RESET my phone.

    Any idea?
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    Great idea except when I hit my assigned key to bring up the console, PTunes v2.0.1 crashes

    I upgraded to v2.1 and same problem.

    May be a conflict somewhere...
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    if it is crashing, try temporarily disabling volume rocker. now see if it works.

    now- try reassinging the miniwindow to a different hard button.

    when you get it stable you should be able to soft reset then reenable volume rocker
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    Hi Ray,

    Got it to work by re-assigning a different button (the power button)


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