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    anybody a megalauncher user? Loved it on my 300, but can't run it on the 600, OS5 version is HS only. I've emailed the developer, but silence. . . anyone. . . Buler. . .?
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    HR, I meant HR (high rez) not HS
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    I also tried to get it to work and it would not. I emailed the admin as well....and silence. I also noted that they should probably take off the statement "Supports all handhelds running Palm OS 3.5 or later"
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    Bump, Anyone have any luck?
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    i love ml too...too bad it doesn't run on the 600. I wrote and did not get a response either.
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    I E-mailed them and they told me that T600 support was comming . altho they said that it was several months away.
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    Received this morning from Megasoft, still under development:

    "Unfortunately the MegaLauncher program does not support your device at present.
    Anyway, just for your information we are developing a new version of this program.
    As soon as we complete everything, we'll let you know."

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